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How can our fraud solicitor help you with immigration fraud?
17 May 2021

At ABV Solicitors our fraud solicitors frequently represent international clients in relation to immigration fraud. They can help build a defence for you for a multitude of issues ranging from VISA fraud to forced marriages and identity fraud. Whatever the allegation that has been made against you, we will strive to achieve the results that you desire. When you are arrested or asked to come into the police station you have a legal right to representation right away. Some people feel as if they do not need representation because they are innocent, but often end up finding that the justice system is not just and it is more complex to represent themselves effectively than they originally thought. Speaking to a fraud solicitor about what to do could not only dramatically reduce your stress, but also enable you to find out about the best possible course of action for you to take. It is important to contact our fraud solicitors as soon as possible so they are able to start building a defence for you right away. The more information that you can give them the better, as this will enable them to build a more in-depth case that supports your claims, which will increase your chances of getting the end result that you are after.

What offences are related to immigration fraud?

When it comes to immigration fraud our fraud solicitor can represent you for a multitude of different offences such as student visa fraud, sponsorship fraud as well as things such as illegally working in the UK. We can also help advise you on matters regarding forced marriages and identity fraud, which can include things like forged documents. Sometimes people can contact us for advice on what to do regarding fake degrees gained from fake colleges. Modern slavery and human trafficking contributes to a large section of the cases that we represent in relation to immigration fraud, but whatever the reason for you contacting us we will endeavour to produce the best defence for you that we can.

Who can our immigration fraud experts help?

Our fraud solicitor can assist people who have been arrested in relation to immigration fraud as well as those people who have already been charged. Similarly, if you know someone who is being sought after by a law enforcement agency because they have committed an offence in relation to immigration fraud, then you can contact us to seek advice as well. Regardless of whether someone is being held in a prison, detention centre or police station our fraud solicitors will be able to get access to them quickly to make sure that they have been fully informed of the situation and know their legal rights. If English is not your first language you do not need to let this deter you from asking us for legal representation. Our team of professionals are fluent in a variety of languages and can translate for you at short notice, making you feel much more at ease and your investigation much less daunting.

When is it time for you to speak to a fraud solicitor?

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