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How to prevent bank account fraud and the role of our solicitors if you are a victim
08 Sep 2021

Identity thieves and hackers are common problems faced in this world of digital technology. If your bank account information is stolen then you have been subject to identity theft which can result in bank account fraud, which can ultimately disrupt all aspects of your life including personal and social relationships, overall mental and physical wellbeing, your home and your career – not just your finances.

Although banks are obligated to refund the money that you may lose as a result of a fraudulent case it is a complicated maze to navigate and it is very important that you speak to a fraud solicitor here at ABV Solicitors to make sure that you approach the system correctly and efficiently. This is to ensure that you are reimbursed  for all your losses and that it does not have any detrimental effect on your finances or credit scores with any banks or authorities, or hold any long-term implications for the future .

There are many ways in which you can try and protect yourself from bank account fraud.  Most of us deal with our finances using online banking. Whether this is for shopping, applying for a credit card, checking our credit score, sending money to others, transferring money between accounts, or looking after our mortgage, just to name a few. It is important that you monitor your bank accounts on a regular basis. Online banking is available with most banks now and is easily accessible for all. This has its advantages and disadvantages. An advantage is that you have your account details at your fingertips so you can make sure that you know what transactions are occurring on your account on a daily basis and you can detect any discrepancies and report them immediately. The disadvantages of online banking are security issues. Bank account information can be hacked and passwords are also subject to attack.

Speak to our fraud solicitor today

If you detect any unauthorised transactions on any of your bank accounts or fall into a similar unfortunate circumstance, finding yourself victim to fraud, then contact our fraud solicitor here at ABV Solicitors. We will collect all necessary evidence and speak to your bank with you. Our fraud solicitor will contact the police or similar authorities where necessary on your behalf and will deal with all the paperwork and legal formalities for you. This is to make sure that each step of the procedure is carried out correctly to help prevent further delays to the process. By dealing with the issue as soon as possible you can help help limit the damage it can have on your finances immediately, because although our aim is to recover all your damages as soon as possible, your bank may take time in reimbursing your money and this can lead to many short-term complications as well as long-term problems for the future.

Whether you have been a target of bank account fraud or any other type of fraud, speak to our fraud solicitor here at ABV Solicitors today.  Our friendly and experienced team are here to listen to your problems and use their knowledge and expertise to provide excellent legal assistance throughout the process, to ensure a successful outcome for you.

Are you a victim of fraud? Speak to ABV Solicitors today!

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