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Clients who may seek a solicitor for fraud
17 Apr 2020

Many of our clients may be unsure of when to seek legal help from our law firm, however they may require legal intervention earlier than they initially believe. Seeking help early can help minimise any unnecessary complications with a case. Clients who may seek legal aid for fraud might be suffering from deception within their large or small scale commercial businesses. Fraud can be tough for many individuals and businesses, and can leave clients in an emotionally and financially vulnerable position.

A few examples of fraud cases our solicitors have dealt with in the past are ancillary financial matters (which consist of applications to vary or discharge restraining orders, confiscation proceedings, as well as general asset recovery proceedings).

A common example

One common case we deal with at ABV Solicitors is immigration fraud. Immigration fraud can escalate into an extremely serious legal case, and may therefore require the services of a solicitor for fraud. Our solicitors in London are lucky enough to provide a specialist legal team of immigration solicitors to deal with a wide range of cases investigated by the NCA (and other law enforcement agencies). Our firm constantly defend serious, sensitive, and complex immigration cases, a few of which consist of: sponsorship fraud, human trafficking, visa fraud, and even forced marriage.

Our approach to immigration fraud

If you are seeking legal help for immigration fraud, our legal team could help you. Many of our clients may be concerned about the severity or complexity of their legal case, however we strive to make the process as simple and as easy as possible. If you (or even a family member or friend) has been arrested, or even charged for an immigration fraud offence, then contact a solicitor for fraud at our firm immediately.

What to expect from the legal process

Many of our clients may be totally unknowledgeable when it comes to legal help, which is extremely normal, and something we accommodate at our ABV firm. Small or large businesses may feel more comfortable knowing what to expect from the immigration legal help process, which is where we can help! We suggest our clients seek legal advice as soon as possible, to avoid any prejudice or complications which can unfortunately commonly occur.

Why choose us

We understand that within the field of law it can be hard to choose the right firm of solicitors, however we believe our friendly and professional legal approach makes us an excellent choice. We believe our proactive legal approach always has a significantly positive effect on our legal case results. Our fantastic legal team are all fully qualified legal professionals, who deal with all of our clients’ cases with a friendly and positive approach. Aside from our team, we can reach clients who are detained within prison or other detention centres, meaning we are always available to provide legal advice.

Working around you

Our positive reputation attracts clients internationally, and nationally, meaning we may have to adapt our language. We work with many clients who do not speak English, however our diverse legal team is always prepared to arrange multilingual help to make the case run as smoothly as possible.

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