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“This is one of the UK’s top fraud and regulatory specialist law firms”

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“They are an exceptionally talented firm of specialist practitioners, formidable in their own right”

Legal 500

“The level of expertise at ABV was beyond excellent”

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“They are efficient and always respond quickly”

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“ABV have established themselves as a top legal services provider in the white collar crime and serious fraud”

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Are you looking for fraud solicitors?
10 Apr 2020

Here at ABV Solicitors, our legal firm within London provides legal advice for a wide range of national and even international clientele. Our law firm has professional legal advisers who are highly qualified in their specialised field so that we can deliver an high standard of legal service to all of our new and pre-existing clients.

The service we provide at our fraud solicitors

Our law firm offers fraud law assistance, which may be suitable for clients who are suffering from financial deception individually, or within a large scale commercial business. We also offer legal services for serious and general crime, sexual offences, road tax offensives, as well as confiscation and proceeds of crime.

Meet our experienced legal team

Choosing a fraud solicitor can often be difficult. Clients may base their decision on the type and severity of the legal case they are dealing with. However, the legal team may also play a large role. Our firm boasts an impressive array of highly trained and qualified legal professionals, one of which is our legal director, Deepak Vij. Our team are regarded as leaders within their field, meaning we are able to deliver a high standard of legal care for all of our potential and existing clients.

Am I eligible for your solicitor services?

Our ABV solicitors have represented many successful cases within the field of complex legal fraud within the United Kingdom. In terms of a few examples, our team has dealt with many ancillary financial matters such as confiscation proceedings and asset recovery proceedings. If you are experiencing any of the legal issues that have been mentioned above, you may be a perfect candidate for the excellent legal services we provide at ABV.

How it works

For small and large scale businesses, raids and even arrests can occur when individuals least expect it. This can have a massive effect both personally and emotionally, as well as professionally. If you are being interviewed by the authorities, this can be extremely stressful, so legal aid should therefore be reached as soon as you are able to request it.

What we do

Our highly trained legal team can play a crucial role in helping our clients to receive legal justice. If individuals fail to receive representation they may suffer from serious legal charges, and in some serious cases, legal conviction. Conviction can be detrimental to a client’s professional reputation, which is why we aim to prevent this from occurring.

The part we play

Our role at this crucial step of the process can ensure that our clients fully understand their legal rights, and the professional advice they are receiving, which can result in the best possible outcome, for both parties.

In need of legal aid?

If you are a large scale commercial business or even an individual who has been accused of fraud or even a money laundering offence, please feel free to contact our services (contact details are displayed on our website). Our solicitors are always available to receive calls from clients who are experiencing business and personal concerns regarding fraud offences.

Why choose our legal firm to receive legal help from a fraud solicitor?

Clients who may seek a solicitor for fraud