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Why it is important to have the advice of a criminal solicitor at the police station
05 Feb 2021

At ABV Solicitors we are of the opinion that having representation by a criminal solicitor when interviewed by an investigating authority body, be it a local authority or HMRC or the police, is of the utmost importance to ensure your rights are duly looked after.

Legal representation by a criminal solicitor from the outset is so critical to the outcome of a case that is considered by many in the industry to play an influential role in how a case is won or lost. The reliable advice from an experienced legal specialist can have substantive power on how the investigative process unfolds – what happens next, including the decision made on whether the police decide to prosecute or not.

We take a look at some of the more weighty reasons why you should hire a criminal solicitor when contacted by the police. At ABV Solicitors, our team of specialist criminal solicitors will offer expert advice and put forward a solid, strategic defence to bring about the best possible outcomes for our clients.

Reasons to have a crime solicitor during a police interview

Any communication made with the police can be used in court

One of the main reasons why we urge anyone contacted by the police to attend an interview (voluntary or otherwise) to get in touch with us for the best legal representation, is because anything you say to the police at the station can be used as evidence in a court case. Any communication made to the police at the police station is recorded, and even if you have nothing to hide, protecting your rights should be your topmost priority.

It is not unusual for the police to step out of the bounds of ethical investigative practices to get someone they suspect of committing a criminal offence, arrested and charged in order to get a conviction. The unwary under suspicion may not be aware of all the manipulative and unscrupulous tactics the police may employ to gain that conviction.

Avoid the stress that accompanies complex legal situations

It is quite normal for an interviewee, due to the incredibly overwhelming situation they face at the police station, to make mistakes when answering questions – mistakes that can be misconstrued or be taken as inconsistencies in a courtroom.

Quality legal advice

It is not surprising to find a situation where the police underplay the necessity of consulting a criminal solicitor when invited to attend an interview at the police station. It is important to remember here that only quality legal advice offered by qualified criminal solicitors have your best interests at heart and not the police. A legal firm offering an all-inclusive service is best for proactive defence, from legal advice at the police station interview to instructing expert witnesses in defending prosecution’s allegations.

Whether you are suspected of a minor or major crime, get the best legal representation from ABV Solicitors. We offer a renowned bespoke legal service and have a dedicated team of solicitors for crime, from murder and manslaughter to money laundering and serious drug offences, available to help you.

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