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Understand the importance of a reputable criminal solicitor
15 May 2020

Protecting your legal rights

Here at ABV Solicitors, our primary goal when taking on any new case, is to ensure that our client’s legal rights are protected – and that they have the best possible defence when they are involved in a criminal investigation. We believe that understanding and respecting the needs and wishes of each client is an important aspect of what makes our firm such a reputable provider of criminal defence. When seeking a criminal solicitor, our clients must be made aware that we will listen and study the case extensively, and that no case is too big or too small for our team to handle. If you need our help, then ABV Solicitors will be there.

What does a criminal solicitor do?

Criminal law – in its essence – establishes the legal definitions of criminal offences and rules which apply to our clients when they are part of an investigation being conducted by the police. This could concern a legal matter which they feel you are involved in or have committed. Our criminal solicitors here at ABV Solicitors are fully dedicated to helping and guiding our clients who are accused of committing a crime. Throughout each step of a trial, our expert solicitors will be there to support you and ensure that all of your legal rights are protected, and that nothing that happens to you is outside the barriers of the law. At ABV Solicitors, we understand that being accused of any criminal offence can be a distressing and traumatic experience for anyone, and we take the time and consideration to respect our clients’ feelings at such a time, as well as supporting and guiding them legally.

Finding the best representation for you

Having a criminal record is something which has the potential to tarnish not only the social reputation of our clients, but also their potential employment opportunities and future prospects. It is a permanent mark against their character that can make a great number of aspects of their daily lives far more difficult. As such, here at ABV Solicitors we do all that is within our power to ensure that this does not happen and that our clients remain free from a criminal record, whenever it is possible. As such, it is of utmost importance that clients’ cases are given to the correct specific legal representative for the charge against them. In doing so as early as possible, it can have a significantly positive impact on the entire outcome of the case.

Building the best possible case

At ABV Solicitors, we feel that it is essential for the outcome of a case to bring together the best possible team of experts from the outset. We also make it our top priority to take the first, crucial steps such as conducting interviews and gathering evidence as soon as we possibly can, to give our clients the best chance possible. Obtaining documentations and items such as CCTV footage is another vital role of our criminal law team at the initial stages of a case’s development. Another key aspect of our legal service is its discreet nature. We handle each case with absolute privacy and respect and will never disclose the nature of any case to any uninvolved party. If you are seeking a dependable, trustworthy and well respected legal team to guide and support you, then look no further than ABV Solicitors.

Helping you when you need it most with a quality criminal solicitor

What is a criminal solicitor?