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There are 5 things you should not do when accused of murder. A guide from our criminal solicitor
16 Jun 2023

Nobody wants to be accused of murder. And, of course, nobody wants to be arrested for murder.

Facing murder charges can be a challenging and stressful experience. However, what you may not be aware of is that if you engage in certain activities, it can make the entire situation a lot worse.

If you have been accused of murder, it is important to know what actions to avoid in order to protect yourself and your legal case. This is where our team can help.

At ABV Solicitors, we have a team of experts who are willing and able to defend you aggressively and ethically, ensuring that you get a fair trial. Our criminal solicitor will be on hand 24/7 to advise you and can answer any questions that you may have.

So, if you have been accused of murder, what should you not do? Here, our criminal solicitor answers that question.

Do not flee

Not surprisingly, the first piece of advice that our criminal solicitor gives to our clients is to not run away. We understand that you are scared and feeling worried, but fleeing is not the answer.

Fleeing or attempting to escape can be viewed as an admission of guilt and can harm your defence. It is important to stay and face the legal process, even if it is difficult and stressful. If you do feel overwhelmed, simply tell us, and we will be happy to oversee whatever we can for you.

Do not tamper with evidence

If you are released on bail after being charged with murder (unlikely, but it can happen), you should not alter evidence. Tampering with evidence can be viewed as an attempt to hide evidence and can harm your defence. It is important to leave any evidence as it is and not to touch anything that could be relevant to the case.

Also, if you advise someone else to alter or tamper with evidence, this will be viewed as an attempt to conceal, so do not ask anyone else to do it for you!

Do not talk to anyone about the case

It is important to keep the details of the case confidential and not discuss them with anyone other than your solicitor. Discussing the case with others can compromise your defence and harm your case, especially if you are talking to people who will be used as witnesses, as it may be seen as you leading them.

Do not make any statements or confessions

When you are at the police station after you have been arrested, do not answer any questions. It is important, in this case, that you exercise your right to remain silent and not incriminate yourself. Any statements or confessions can be used against you in court and harm your defence.

Do not intimidate witnesses

Intimidating witnesses can be viewed as an attempt to influence the legal process and can harm your defence. It is important to stay away from any witnesses and avoid any action that could be seen as an attempt to influence them.

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