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The role our criminal solicitor plays in your defence explained
09 Jun 2023

When you have been accused of criminal activity by the police, even if you are completely innocent, you may think the best option is to metaphorically dig your heels in and stand your ground.

However, this is not the case and, in the long term, may be damaging to your defence if you are charged. This is why you need to talk to a criminal defence solicitor.

Criminal defence solicitors play a crucial role in the criminal justice system by representing individuals accused of criminal offences. They serve as legal advocates for their clients and work to ensure that their clients’ rights are protected throughout the criminal justice process. The role of criminal defence solicitors is multifaceted and involves a range of legal, ethical, and practical responsibilities.

Our team at ABV Solicitors will always be on hand to advise you on the next steps in criminal defence, as our criminal solicitor knows the legal aspects of all areas of crime, from drug dealing accusations all the way up to murder. So, if you need help, call our team!

So, here are the key things that our criminal solicitor can offer when you call us for legal representation.

Legal advice

Of course, one of the primary roles of our criminal solicitor is to provide legal advice and representation to individuals who have been accused of a criminal offence. We work to ensure that our clients understand the charges against them, their legal rights, and the potential consequences of a conviction. This may involve conducting legal research, reviewing evidence and witness statements, and preparing legal arguments and strategies for trial.

Of course, we will also work to offer you advice on what you need to say and how to answer questions during police interviews.

Legal rights

Our criminal defence solicitors also play an important role in protecting the rights of their clients and ensuring that they are treated fairly throughout the criminal justice process. This may involve challenging evidence obtained through illegal searches or seizures, objecting to inappropriate or prejudicial questioning during trial, and advocating for their client’s right to a fair trial. In addition, criminal defence solicitors may work to negotiate plea deals or alternative sentences that may help their clients avoid harsher penalties or reduce the charges against them.


Another important role of our criminal defence solicitors is to act as a liaison between you and the court system. We may assist with the bail process, help you navigate the court system, and communicate with prosecutors and judges on your behalf. Our team may also work with other legal professionals, such as private investigators or forensic experts, to build a strong defence case for you.


In addition to their legal duties, our criminal defence solicitors also have ethical and practical responsibilities to their clients. They must maintain confidentiality and ensure that their client’s information is kept private. They must also communicate with their clients in a clear and understandable manner and keep them informed about the progress of their case and any legal developments that may affect their defence.

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