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The role of a criminal solicitor in dealing with gun and knife crime
21 May 2021

There are many different types of violent crime which can find you arrested, charged or even convicted and result in a criminal record which can have a devastating effect on all aspects of your life. Violent crime includes the use of weapons such as firearms and knives. It is against the law to use any type of dangerous weapon to injure or threaten another person and it is also an offence to be in possession of, trade in or involved in the manufacture of specific illegal weapons. The rules and regulations surrounding knife crime are extensive and ever changing, and the criminal justice system deals with such offences with severity. Therefore if you are arrested or called in for questioning with regards to  prohibited weapons it is essential that you contact a criminal solicitor immediately, to ensure the best possible outcome for yourself.

In recent years, further laws have been passed involving violent crime, creating additional offences, this is why it is vital that you have the knowledge and expertise of a criminal solicitor from the outset, otherwise you will be engulfed by the complications of the legal system. We at ABV Solicitors have your best interests at heart and are here to ease the legal proceedings for you. We will gather all the information and witnesses available, present you in the best light we can and aim for a positive outcome for you with the minimum sentencing and fine that is possible in the event of a conviction.

Offences related to gun and knife crime and how your criminal solicitor can help

There are many complicated rules and regulations surrounding gun and knife crime. Carrying a dangerous weapon in a public place, unless you are authorised to do so, is a criminal offence and will be dealt with severely. Your criminal solicitor will be familiar with specific guidance on how the legal system deals with such offences, therefore it is essential that you contact us immediately so we can support you from the outset to help minimise the damaging effects which may follow without our knowledge and expertise.

The shock of being arrested can lead to confusion and panic which may have a detrimental effect on your defence. People can feel compelled to speak out in their own defence without realising they may in fact be impacting on their own case in a negative way. Not being privy to the intricacies of the law can leave you vulnerable in unexpected ways. Contact us at ABV Solicitors immediately before speaking to anyone. We will be able to buy you time, help calm your nerves and discuss the situation with you. We will collect evidence and witnesses in your favour where possible, and we can speak to the police on your behalf, as we are aware of all the procedures involved in such allegations. Call us at ABV Solicitors, we are here to protect your rights, preventing any further complication to your defence and we will always strive for the most favourable outcome for you.

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