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The role of a criminal solicitor in assault charges
14 May 2021

Here at ABV Solicitors, our job is to help you when you have been accused of a criminal offence. Violent crimes can involve a range of different offences, from assault charges to murder charges, to offences including the use of weapons and dangerous substances. Each crime has its own penalty and all violent crimes are dealt with extremely seriously and can be sentenced severely with damaging effects on your life. Criminal offences can lose you your job, damage your career, destroy your finances, and even affect your relationships with friends and family.

We deal with many different types of criminal charges as mentioned above, and here at ABV Solicitors defence against assault charges is part of our expertise. It is vital that you seek legal advice and representation by a criminal solicitor in any such cases to help positively influence the final outcome for yourself. The knowledge, strategies and expertise of a criminal solicitor will have substantial influence over how the investigation proceeds and will affect the decision on whether the police decide to prosecute you or not, and the severity of any subsequent penalties. Contact your criminal solicitor immediately if you find yourself arrested or called in for questioning related to violent crime such as assault, and we will put forward a strong defence to bring about the best possible outcome for you, protecting your rights with your best interests at heart.

What are the different types of assault?

Assault is one of the most common violent crimes which can lead to arrest and prosecution. This is when you physically hurt another person and is classified into three groups according to the severity of the injury inflicted. Even if the allegations are false they can have a damaging, lasting impact on your life, which is why you need to contact us at ABV Solicitors immediately so we can be with you from the very beginning.

Common assault is when the person involved is unhurt or the injuries are superficial. This can result in up to 6 months imprisonment and a financial penalty. Generally, depending on the results of an assault, imprisonment can range from 6 months to 5 years according to which court the decision is made in. Anything involving severe injury can result in 5 years in prison.  However, when a very serious injury is involved this may result in a life sentence. If you find yourself arrested or you are called in for questioning for offences related to assault, it is vital that you contact your criminal solicitor immediately, before speaking to the police or legal authorities. We can buy you time to calm your nerves and gather your thoughts and feelings, assess the exact situation and speak to the police on your behalf. It is vital that you have one of our specialist solicitors with experience of dealing with assault charges to present all the evidence correctly and display you in the best light possible to ensure that your charges and sentencing are kept to the most minimum level available according to the situation that you are in.

Why do I need a criminal solicitor?

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