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The effects of a criminal charge and how a criminal solicitor can help
13 Sep 2021

A criminal charge has very serious implications for all aspects of your life. A criminal charge can damage your social reputation, ruin personal relationships with friends and family, destroy your career and finances with large fines and penalties, and in worst case scenarios you may end up with a criminal record and imprisonment. A criminal record can ruin all prospects for your future, including relationships, higher education and job prospects, as well as mental wellbeing and overall health. It is essential that you get in touch with us here at ABV Solicitors immediately when you are either contacted by the police or arrested, to make sure that our criminal solicitor can achieve the best possible outcome for you according to your situation. We will calmly and expertly handle your case, because if left alone you may panic, and without guidance of a highly skilled criminal solicitor, create greater problems for yourself and your case further down the line.

Contact a criminal solicitor immediately

A criminal offence can vary broadly in type and severity. Whether you have been wrongly accused of a crime or you have unwittingly participated in a criminal activity, whichever situation you may find yourself in, where you have been accused of a criminal offence it is important that you speak to us at ABV Solicitors so that we can help achieve a positive outcome for you. Our highly skilled and greatly experienced criminal solicitor will use their knowledge and expertise to create a strong case and advise you throughout the process, to ensure that you do not implicate yourself any further and that there are as few complications as possible. Speak to us immediately, our helpline is open 24 hours a day.

How your solicitor will help your case

Firstly, you will contact us and we will assign you a criminal solicitor who will deal with your case personally or as part of a team according to requirements. By contacting us immediately you will make sure that a solicitor will be able to accompany you at the police station, where we can discuss the situation that you are in prior to any questioning by the police or necessary authorities. This stage is vital because at first most people panic and get flustered, which does not work in their favour. You will be able to calm your nerves and disclose any information to us in confidence and regardless of the situation you have found yourself in, you can rest assured that this is our profession, we will treat your case professionally yet sensitively at all times. We will advise you as to how to approach the police questioning and we can speak on your behalf where necessary. We will deal with all the paperwork involved with your case and fill out all necessary forms and applications correctly and on time, to prevent any delays or complications.  We will interview any witnesses who may work in your favour and collate all evidence to portray your case in the best possible light. If your case continues to the courts then we will represent you strongly in court providing our professional expertise and maintaining our highest standards of representation and legal advice throughout the process. Call ABV Solicitors today, we are always here to help.

Call a criminal solicitor to help reduce the impact of a criminal charge today

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