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Call a criminal solicitor to help reduce the impact of a criminal charge today
06 Sep 2021

Whether you have been wrongly accused of a crime or you have carried out a crime in the heat of the moment or out of desperation, here at ABV Solicitors we have an experienced and highly skilled criminal solicitor to defend you, support you and help your case, whichever situation you may find yourself in.

Choose ABV Solicitors

The Times has recognised us as one of the best law firms of 2021, so by speaking to one of our team at ABV Solicitors you can rest assured that your case is in the best possible hands with some of the top solicitors in the UK. A wide variety of possible criminal offences exists and here at ABV Solicitors we have dealt with thousands of different criminal allegations as a team and now we are here to help you. Criminal offences can vary from fraud charges, terrorism charges, drug offences, or assault, to sexual offences and violent crimes such as manslaughter or murder. Whichever type of criminal offence you may have been charged with, we aim to take a holistic and effective approach at the same time, so our specialist criminal solicitor will deal with your case respectfully and in confidence, and provide you with advice and reassurance, to help put your mind at ease at all times whilst working on your case.

The role of a criminal solicitor

By contacting us at ABV Solicitors immediately, you will have our support throughout the process and this will work to your advantage. In such situations it is normal to become flustered and panic, so ask to speak to a criminal solicitor so they can deal with the situation on your behalf. Our assistance will begin from the police station, where our criminal solicitor will be present to provide you with their support, knowledge and expertise. We will find out as much information as possible in regard to the situation that you have found yourself in, prior to any questioning by the police. This is so that we can advise you as to how you can answer their questions and how much information you should share with them, if any at all, at the time. More importantly, we will buy you time to gather your thoughts and compose yourself, so that you do not fall for the tricks and strategies which police and other authorities may use to get information from you, which they may then use against you at a later date. From here, we will manage your case and all the administration that comes along with it on your behalf, so that you can rest assured that all paperwork is completed and submitted correctly to ensure there are no delays or complications to your case.

Where necessary we will represent you in court and you can be sure the whole time we will have your best interests at heart and aim to achieve the best possible outcome for you. Speak to us at ABV Solicitors immediately so that we can provide the very best assistance to you.

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