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FAQs about human trafficking law answered by our criminal solicitor
14 Oct 2022

Human trafficking is a serious offence, and if you have been accused of being involved in it or you are in business with someone who has been accused of overseeing human trafficking, the legal consequences can be large and long-lasting.

It is estimated that globally, 9.25 million people are being sold via human trafficking, and sadly, this can mean that business ventures may get tangled up in these crimes at some point via association.

So, if you have been accused via association or directly indicated in human trafficking offences, you need to contact our criminal solicitor at ABV solicitors as soon as possible. We have extensive experience in defending people who are accused of this crime and will know which measures need to be taken to have charges dropped or sentences reduced.

If you have been involved in a human trafficking accusation, you will probably have more than a few questions relating to the legal nature of this crime. In this article, our criminal solicitor answers 5 common questions that they receive from clients in this area.

What is considered human trafficking?

Human trafficking is usually linked to areas of sexual crimes such as prostitution, but this is not an entirely accurate description.

It involves the buying and selling of people for profit, and according to our criminal solicitor, people are typically sold into labour, sexual work, drug rings or even armies as child soldiers.

As you can imagine, such serious acts are usually carried out via coercion and threats of violence, or in some cases, criminal gangs may use drugs to control the people they are trafficking.

So, if you have been implicated in any of these areas, you will need a strong defence as soon as possible and should call our team at ABV Solicitors.

Can a person consent to being trafficked?

This is something that we are asked but do not use as a defence against trafficking, and the reason is simple. The UN Trafficking in Persons Protocol does not accept that any person would willfully agree to be trafficked. Therefore, those who are trafficked are deemed vulnerable and are usually being threatened or physically abused into submission or have become addicted to the drugs the traffickers are using. In some cases, those who are trafficked are children and unable to consent.

What if my business associate has been indicated?

If a business associate has been indicated in human trafficking, whether they are located in the UK or abroad, you need to seek legal advice from our team.

We will work with you to build a case based on the fact that you were not aware and that you would not have consented to work with them had you known.

How long is the sentence for human trafficking?

In the UK, the maximum sentence for being involved in human trafficking is 14 years. You may also be given an unlimited fine.

What are the common defences against human trafficking?

The most commonly used defences against human trafficking include ignorance and threats of violence. As mentioned earlier, if someone you know has been linked to human trafficking but you were unaware, that is a defence. Alternatively, if you were aware but were threatened into complying, we can also base your defence on this.

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