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Defending Your Rights ABV Solicitors Expertise in Terror Suspect Cases
10 Nov 2023

In this blog post, ABV Solicitors provides an insightful look into our expertise in defending individuals accused of terrorism-related offenses. We aim to showcase our comprehensive legal strategies, the experience of our dedicated team, and our commitment to protecting the rights of those facing terrorism charges. By delving into our successful track record, we highlight how our client-centered approach has consistently delivered the best possible outcomes for our clients in this complex and sensitive area of law.

A Highly Experienced Team

Here at ABV Solicitors, we are a highly experienced, dedicated team of individuals who are intent on helping those who are falsely accused of terrorism activities. Each person has their own speciality, but we all have experience with all types of criminal law, including terrorism.

Unlike others in the industry, we have a record of dealing with cases where individuals have been accused of terrorism, ensuring that they have the fairest trial possible. We work day and night to provide the best legal advice and services, ensuring that we are available to our clients whenever they need us.

Since there has been an increase in terrorism attacks over the last couple of decades, there have been more high profile anti-terrorism cases. Our specialist team have taken part in numerous of these, fighting against the abuse of power that authorities like the police have used in cases like this. Our goal is to help you to the best of our combined ability, and we won’t rest until we have done that.

Complexities Of Terrorism Law

Anti-terrorism law is potentially one of the most complex. The Terrorism Act 2000 sets out the definition of terrorism as the following: ‘the use or threat of action which: involves serious violence against a person, involves serious damage to property, endangers a person’s life.’ The Terrorism Act 2006 then ‘amended the definition by adding that any of the activity defined as terrorism, includes that which is carried out to advance a radical cause’. The 2006 change also allowed for the expansion of police stop and search powers when they suspect that there is some kind of nefarious activity taking place. However, this has caused many problems since it was introduced.

As with all types of law, there are certain elements that must be present, and certain criteria that must be met to be able to be convicted of a terrorist crime. For example, the act or threat must have been committed for the purpose of advancing a political, religious, ideological or racial cause. It is the job of us here at ABV Solicitors to sort through all of the complexities for you, using our expertise to form a case against the prosecution.

Terrorism Offenses

Some of the terrorism offenses that you can be accused of, and what section of the law they fall under are as follows:

As you can see, threats, training, and aiding terrorism are all included under these laws, meaning that you do not have to commit any terrorist action to be arrested for terrorism. At ABV Solicitors, we take on cases that cover any of these accusations, finding a defence for those who have been wrongly accused. This will depend on your individual circumstance, the evidence available, and many more factors including the information that you provide us with when you choose us to represent you.

The specific actions that are included under terrorism laws are as follows:

Defending Your Rights

Terrorism is a serious crime, and if you are suspected of terrorism-related activities it’s important that your rights are still respected. In the past, we have had much success ensuring that the rights of our clients, even in sensitive cases such as these, have been protected.

You will find evidence of our determination to defend human rights in cases that we have taken part in such as R V H. The charge was relating to material that could have been used to commit a terrorist act, but the case was far more complex than this. This case was an issue of national security, human rights, and so much more. Our team did everything in their power to defend the rights of our client throughout this trial.

If you are being accused of terrorism-related offenses, ensure that you get in touch with us as soon as possible. The sooner that we can get started on this case, the sooner things can begin to get sorted. Our highly dedicated team will work round the clock to provide you with the best possible defence, ensuring that you get nothing short of excellence when you choose ABV Solicitors.

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