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Wrongly accused of a crime of a sexual nature? Here’s some advice from sexual offence solicitors
05 Feb 2020

Being accused of a sexual offence that you did not commit can be hugely traumatic for several reasons. Due to the severity of the allegation, you could be faced with a prison sentence if you are found guilty. You could also face other repercussions, namely being ousted by society and your family, losing your employment, and having your reputation destroyed.

Being accused of rape or sexual misconduct requires you to have an expert criminal lawyer or sexual offence solicitor.

Our legal team at ABV Solicitors pride themselves on their efficiency, confidentiality, and open-mindedness. Give us a call early during the initial stages of the investigation – these charges are usually incredibly time-sensitive.

What you should and shouldn’t do when accused of wrongdoing

Hire a lawyer

As we have mentioned, time is of the essence during a criminal charge of this nature, especially with regards to uncovering forensic material and gathering evidence. Therefore, if you have a lawyer, give them a call to discuss your case and options. They will provide you with legal advice, provide you with the details of your case, represent you in a court of law, and above all, support you during an emotionally-charged and challenging time.

Find an experienced sexual offence solicitor

A lawyer experienced in dealing with traffic offences and custody battles does not have the knowledge or expertise to handle a case like yours.

When looking for sex offence solicitors, ask to see a potential lawyer’s resume to see whether they have dealt with similar cases to yours.

Whether you are guilty or not, realise the extent of trouble you are in

When learning about an accusation, the individual that is facing the charges may be in a state of denial or try to minimise the extent of the trouble to which they find themselves. The time to act is now.

Take the appropriate measures

Even if you are allegedly innocent of what you are being accused of, with this type of offence, it is highly likely that you will be facing criminal charges, and with that, a high chance of you being convicted.

You may need to take additional steps to strengthen your case and show that you are complying with the authorities, such as taking polygraph tests and reaching out to experts, which our lawyers can do for you.

It is also important to note that there are no quick or easy solutions to proving your innocence; your trial is likely to cost you time and money, something for which you must prepare.

Educate yourself

A sexual offence solicitor is there to educate you and protect your legal rights. That said, you should educate yourself about the nature of what you are being accused of and their accompanying punishments.

The best way of defending yourself is by being an informed client, not one who is ignorant.

Watch what you say

An ill-considered remark could land you in hot water because your actions and dialogue are put under the microscope. Your legal team will educate on the dos and don’ts in this regard.


Are you facing sexual offence charges?