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Why choose a sexual offence solicitor at ABV Solicitors?
18 Sep 2020

At ABV Solicitors we have been deemed as the UK leading criminal defence specialist, and also boast a fantastic team of legal professionals who possess a wealth of experience within the field of sexual offence law. If you have been falsely accused of a sexual offence (whether this be in the form of rape, sexual assault, historical sexual offence, and even indecent images) then our sexual offence solicitor services could be an ideal option for your legal case.

What is a sexual offence solicitor?

The modern world of law can be difficult to navigate for many of our clients, and especially for those who have never had to seek the legal intervention of a legal professional in the past. If you are finding it hard to navigate the world of sexual offence law then our solicitors are on hand to guide you through every stage of the legal process, whilst aiming for the legal result you are looking for.

Seeking early legal intervention can have a massive impact on your legal case

At our firm we always encourage our clients to seek the help of a solicitor as soon as they are physically able, whatever the field of law they are looking for help with. Gaining legal advice at an early stage can have a massive impact on the outcome of the case, as the early events that occur within the process may have bigger influence than you think. If you are debating seeking the aid of a legal professional at our firm then we suggest you get in contact as soon as possible! Our team will initially gather any of the necessary documents that are required, in addition to preparing your case and yourself when you possibly stand trial.

Meet the team that will be representing your case

When choosing a law firm to represent their unique legal case, individuals may base their choice on a wide array of factors (such as personal recommendations from family or friends, or even professional referrals from work colleagues). Another important factor however may be the lawyers that are looking to represent their case.

Want to find out more about your legal professional?

Many of our lawyers deal with cases that not only require a high level of legal knowledge, however they may also need a heightened degree of sensitivity and care too (especially within the field of sexual offence law). With this in mind therefore, many of our clients may feel more comfortable after familiarising themselves with the lawyer who will be representing their unique legal case. This is why we choose to display all of our key individuals on our modern and accessible legal website.

Did you know?

Many members of our team boast over twenty years worth of experience within their specialist field. Just one example of this is Claire Anderson, who has worked with cases within the field of criminal litigation for over 20 years now! With all of this experience, our team is fully equipped to deal with any legal case that comes their way.

Do you require the services of a sexual offence solicitor?

What is a sexual offence solicitor ?