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What you need to know about sexual offence defences in the UK
04 Nov 2022

Sexual offences in the UK are taken very seriously by the government and carry harsh penalties, including lengthy prison sentences. However, there are several defences available to those accused of sexual offences which may be able to reduce or dismiss the charges against you. This article will explore some of these defences and what you can do if you find yourself facing sexual offence charges.

First, you need to contact our team at ABV Solicitors. We have a sexual offence solicitor who can help to defend your corner, and who knows all about the latest changes and updates to criminal and sexual offence law. So we are enormously qualified in this area and will not judge you.

With that in mind, what are some of the most common defences that our sexual offence solicitor uses? Read on to find out.

Different types of sexual offence in the UK

There are many different types of sexual offences in the UK. The most common offences are those that involve someone being touched sexually without their consent. These offences can include groping, kissing, or any other unwanted contact.

Other sexual offences include rape and sexual assault. Rape is the act of forcing someone to have sex with you, while sexual assault is any unwanted sexual contact. Both of these offences can be punishable by up to life in prison.

If you have been accused of any type of sexual offence, it is important to contact our sexual offence solicitor as soon as possible. The defences that are available to you will vary, depending on the specific offence that you are charged with. However, some common defences include consent, mistaken identity, and producing an alibi.

Consent as defence

When it comes to sexual offences in the UK, consent is always a key issue. For an offence to be committed, the prosecution must prove that there was no consent given by the victim.

For a person to be found guilty of a sexual offence, the prosecution must show that they did not have consent from the other person. If consent can be shown, then the accused may be found not guilty. This is why it is so important to have clear evidence of consent if you are accused of a sexual offence – such as video or photographic evidence, witness statements, or communication records. So, be sure to keep any evidence you have and show it to our team when you meet with us.

Mistaken identity

When it comes to defending yourself against accusations of a sexual offence, one of the key defences that you can use is mistaken identity. This defence can be used if you can prove that you were not the person who carried out the alleged offence.

There are many ways that you can prove mistaken identity, such as eyewitness testimony, forensic evidence or video footage.


This is where the defendant can prove that they were not in the vicinity of the offence at the time it took place. This can be done through witness testimony or evidence such as phone records.

Our team at ABV Solicitors can help you understand the defences that are available to you and guide you through the legal process, so call us today for more information.

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