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What makes a sexual offence solicitor at ABV solicitors unique?
12 Aug 2020

Within the field of sexual offence law, our sexual offence solicitors strive to not only approach every case with an impeccable standard of professionalism (in addition to a wealth of knowledge and legal experience) however they also adopt a client-centred approach that is both sensitive and sympathetic. Despite our long-established firm being deemed as one of the United Kingdom’s leading criminal defence specialists we also boast a fantastic passionate team of legal professionals within the field of sexual offence law.

Why choose ABV solicitors to receive the help of a sexual offence solicitor?

Many individuals may be finding it hard to navigate the modern world of law (especially if they have never previously had to seek legal intervention). This is where our firm can help. Many of our clients may base their choice of a law firm on a multitude of factors (such as their geographical location, to name just one common example) however our services have attracted an impressive reputation.

If our sexual offence services look like something that could work for your unique legal case then we can ensure you that our caring and professional team of legal specialists are here to help you, at every stage of your legal journey.

Supporting our clients throughout the entire legal process..

At our firm based in London, we have worked on legal cases on both a national and international scale, our lawyers recommended our clients seek early intervention, this holds many benefits (one example of which being more information to build a case in addition to a smoother legal process). If you are seeking the aid of a sexual offence solicitor you may wish to be aware of the previous cases our team has worked on.

At ABV solicitors your unique legal case is in safe hands..

The field of sexual offence law is one that should be approached with both sympathy and sensitivity. If you are experiencing any of the following cases then we recommended you seek the help of our caring team as soon as possible ; our team not only helps clients with cases of rape, indecent images, child abuse, historical sexual allegations, and sexual grooming, we have also worked collaboratively with cases of exploitation and sexual assault.

How can a sexual offence accusation impact your life?

If you are an individual who has been falsely accused of a sexual offence you could, unfortunately, experience negative effects regarding both your personal and professional life. One allegation can, unfortunately, affect personal relationships, professional career, and emotional state of mind. If you are experiencing a false allegation it is important you receive legal assistance from a sensitive and professional firm, which is where ABV solicitors can help.

Receiving the legal intervention you need..

If our legal services look like they could work for your unique legal case then you may wish to get in touch with our ABV firm. Located on our website we provide an online inquiry form, this ensures even our busiest clients can receive the help they need.

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Meet the team of sexual offence solicitors at ABV solicitors