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The role of a sexual offence solicitor in dealing with the complications of sexual offence

03 November 2021


There are multiple different offences within the Sexual Offences Act 2003 of the English legal system. These are comprised of rape, assault by penetration, sexual assault and causing a person to engage in sexual activity without their consent. However there are many variations of these acts, several of which overlap each other, therefore it is a complicated area of the law and it is dealt with strictly and severely.

A sexual offence allegation can have a devastating impact on all aspects of your life. It can destroy family relationships and friendships. It can impact your social reputation. It can ruin your chances of a higher education and if you are working then you may lose your job and ruin any prospects of a career in the future depending on the circumstances. If you are arrested or called in for questioning about a sexual offence allegation, whether it is a false allegation or you have inadvertently carried out a criminal offence or you are guilty of the offence, then contact us immediately here at ABV Solicitors. Our sexual offence solicitor will help prevent complications further down the line and stop you from implicating yourself any further which may worsen your situation later on in court. There are many varying degrees of sexual offences, so it is important to find out and understand which crime you are being accused of, so that your sexual offence solicitor can put together a defence accordingly. This reiterates the importance of making sure you have legal representation from the outset, as sexual offence allegations may become complicated very quickly and the prosecution will most likely file for a higher degree of crime than you may have committed.

The role of your sexual offence solicitor

Your sexual offence solicitor will be present for any questioning or interviews that you may have to attend and will help advise how to approach these situations and how to address the questions, so that the authorities are unable to carry out any tricks or strategies to obtain information from you which they may use against you at a later date. Your sexual offence solicitor will put together any evidence which will have a positive impact on your case and interrogate any witnesses which may help your case further. They will make sure that all paperwork is filled in correctly and submitted in a timely manner to prevent any delays or complications to your case and they will represent you in court using their knowledge and expertise to the highest professional level that we can provide.

If you are a victim of a sexual offence then it is important that you contact the police immediately and get in touch with us here at ABV Solicitors, so that we can delegate one of our top criminal solicitors to help prosecute your perpetrator and prevent them from carrying out such offences against others. We offer a 24-hour helpline so whichever situation you may find yourself in we are available to assist you from the beginning to help achieve a positive outcome for you.

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