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The importance of a solicitor in sexual offence allegations
03 Sep 2021

In 2019-2020 there were almost 180,000 cases of sexual offences recorded by the police in the UK. Here at ABV Solicitors our highly skilled sexual offence solicitor is experienced in all types of sexual offence cases and whether you are a victim of a sexual offence or you have been accused of a sexual offence, we are here to offer our assistance and expertise. You can contact us 24 hours a day, whichever situation you may find yourself in.

There is such a wide range of sexual offences, and laws and regulations are changing all the time, something the general public will usually be unaware of. To be able to provide you with the best level of service one of our duties here at ABV Solicitors is to keep up-to-date with the changes in the law and procedures, so you can be sure that you are receiving the highest standard of professional expertise at all times. Our sexual offence solicitor will make every effort to ensure a speedy and positive result for your case, because we know the devastating impact that a sexual offence allegation can have on all aspects of your life. We will deal with your case effectively and considerately, and all information will be held in confidence and dealt with sensitively to help ease the matter for you.

The different forms of sexual offence

Sexual offences are a broad subject in which no two cases are identical and cover a range of sexually related misconduct which are all explained in detail within the Sexual Offences Act of 2003. A sexual offence includes extreme pornography, assault, rape, sexual incidents involving minors and many other issues where sexual activity has occurred without consent or there has been an abuse of power. You will be informed of which offence you have been accused of and then we will deal with your case accordingly. By contacting us immediately as soon as you are either approached by the police or you are arrested you can help ensure a better outcome for your case. Whichever situation you have found yourself in, whether it is a false accusation or you have committed sexual misconduct unwittingly or knowingly, your sexual offence solicitor will deal with your case professionally and sensitively. We are here to put your mind at ease and have your best interests at heart. By disclosing all information to us in confidence, we will be able to put together a strong case for you.

The effects of sexual offence allegations

A sexual offence allegation or conviction can have a damaging effect on all aspects of your life. It can destroy your relationships with your friends and family. Where spouses and children are involved, it can heavily impact their lives too, leading to divorce and loss of financial security. It can ruin your career and future prospects and ultimately impact mental wellbeing and overall health. Sexual offence cases are dealt with very strictly, penalised heavily and can result in imprisonment and a lifelong criminal record, therefore it is vital that you contact us here at ABV Solicitors so we can assign a top sexual offence solicitor to your case and guide you through the process and achieve the best possible outcome we can for you.

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