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The impact of sexual offences and how a sexual offence solicitor can help reduce this
17 Sep 2021

Sexual offence allegations can have a devastating impact on your life and on those around you. It can destroy your relationships, social, personal and professional. It can break up your family, cost you your job, shatter your financial security and get your name on the sexual offenders list which will destroy all prospects for a good and successful future. Sexual offences are dealt with strictly and sentenced heavily. The Sexual Offences Act 2003 clearly defines the different types of criminal activity which are classed as a sexual offence and the corresponding sentence for such offences. It is not only put in place to convict the perpetrator, but it is also there to protect the public, including children. This is a lengthy piece of legislation which may be complicated and intimidating to navigate for a member of the public. It is the responsibility and role of a sexual offence solicitor to keep up-to-date with such legislation, to be able to provide the highest standard of legal assistance and advice at all times.

Speak to a sexual offence solicitor for help

If you have been accused of a sexual offence, whether you are being called in to visit the police station voluntarily or you are arrested and taken in for questioning, it is essential that you contact us at ABV Solicitors immediately so that we can assign a sexual offence solicitor to you. It is important that you do not attempt to deal with this issue by yourself without legal advice, to help prevent implicating yourself any further than you may have already done so and to help limit complications further down the process.

Speaking to the police and dealing with questioning correctly

Sexual offences are dealt with very seriously and you can be sure that from the beginning the authorities will be against you and will be looking for ways to implicate you in the allegations that have been made against you. If you speak to us at ABV Solicitors immediately then we will make sure that a sexual offence solicitor is present with you at the police station and can buy you time to calm yourself. This will enable you to gather your thoughts and discuss the situation with your solicitor, who will either speak on your behalf or advise as to how you can undergo questioning successfully, and avoid the tricks and strategies which the police and authorities may try to use to implicate you further.

Putting together a strong defence and representing you in court

Your sexual offence solicitor will help find and interview any witnesses which may be able to  have a positive impact on your case. They will collect the necessary evidence and put together a strong case to take to court and will represent you to the highest standard using their knowledge and expertise in the court to help minimise the sentencing which you may have to undergo. Your solicitor will also apply for bail, according to your individual situation, to help ease your position for as long as possible. The aim of your solicitor is to achieve a positive outcome for you and to help do this you need to contact us immediately so we can aid you to the best of our ability. Speak to us today at ABV Solicitors, we provide a 24-hour helpline for you.

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