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The impact of sexual offence allegations
19 May 2021

Sexual offence allegations can be embarrassing, uncomfortable and traumatic situations which detrimentally affect many, if not all, aspects of your life. False sexual allegations can damage your employment prospects and affect your finances. They can affect your physical and mental well-being, as well as your self-confidence and the confidence of others in you. They can affect relationships with friends and family, and destroy your reputation in the local community. It is vital that you speak to a sexual offence solicitor to ensure you receive specialist advice to minimise the effects of such allegations.

Which crimes are classed as a sexual offence?

There are many different crimes which are considered to be sexual offences in the UK. The most common sexual offence allegations include non-consensual sexual activity, which is classed as rape and sexual assault. Crimes against children including child sexual abuse, sexual activity with a child, abuse of a position of trust and grooming, are very serious allegations of sexual offence. Crimes which exploit other people for sexual purposes are also deemed an offence, this can be direct human trafficking such as prostitution, or online, through pornography. In any of these situations it is extremely important that you contact us at ABV Solicitors for advice and representation from a sexual offence solicitor immediately, as these allegations can be prosecuted very severely. You could be fined heavily and face imprisonment if your case is not professionally managed by a sexual offence solicitor.

The advantages of seeking specialist advice for sexual offence allegations

A sexual offence solicitor has the necessary knowledge, skills and experience to provide you with professional advice and support, protect your rights and capably defend you against the allegations. Our specialists at ABV Solicitors will assist you with the legal process and defend you against the law enforcement agencies, providing proven strategies to help establish your innocence. Without the professional advice of a specialist the legal processes involved in sexual allegations would be almost impossible to successfully navigate by yourself.

When do I need to contact a sexual offence solicitor?

Seeking advice at the earliest possible time ensures that the chances of a positive outcome are more likely. Contact us at ABV Solicitors so that a solicitor can be present with you from the initial questioning at the police station, as often the initial shock of being arrested or called in to the station can fluster your thoughts and cloud your judgement, with immediate detrimental effect on your defence from the onset. Our solicitor will be able to buy you time, to gather your thoughts and calm your nerves. They will make all the necessary enquiries to find out the specifics of the allegation and speak to the police on your behalf following a full consultation with yourself. They can also help protect you from unethical investigative procedures and tactics which you would otherwise not be aware of without their professional expertise. If unfortunately you find yourself defending the case in court, rest assured that you will be well represented, and our experienced team here at ABV Solicitors will protect you and ensure that you are dealt with fairly and justly through each step of the process.

Let our sexual offence solicitor protect your future

The effects of sexual offence allegations