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The effects of a sexual offence allegation
03 Aug 2022

Being accused of a sexual offence can be one of the most traumatic situations that you can ever find yourself in. Not only can it directly affect you, with your physical and mental wellbeing, but it has a direct effect on your friends, family, loved ones and everyone around you. You may be removed from your job with immediate effect and whilst the investigation is in progress your whole life may be put on hold, causing serious financial loss. A sexual offence allegation can have serious detrimental impact on your social reputation and your future. It can destroy chances of further education or a career and often the case may become public causing further stress and harm.

If you are afraid that you will have a sexual offence accusation made against you, then you need to speak to us at ABV Solicitors for private and confidential advice as to what you can expect, as well as how to reduce the impact of some of the issues which may arise as a result of the accusation. Sometimes this may be a false accusation or you may find that you have unwittingly committed a sexual offence or even if you have knowingly committed the crime, our specialist and experienced sexual offence solicitor is here to provide impartial advice tailored to your benefit. If you have been arrested or you have a received a letter to be interviewed under caution, then you need to ask to be put in touch with our sexual offence solicitor immediately, so that we can represent you from the outset and help you through the process with the aim of achieving a positive outcome for your situation.

An experienced sexual offence solicitor for you

Here, at our firm, we have extensive experience in defending a wide range of sexual offences including allegations of rape and sexual assault. The law around sexual offence is detailed and complicated, but as high-profile solicitors we deal with sexual offence allegations on a daily basis and we have dealt with some of the most famous cases in the country. We provide 24-hour assistance and we represent clients nationwide and internationally when necessary. We have been recognised for excellence in defending criminal cases and we will put together a strong defence for you.

Sexual offences can be penalised or sentenced severely. Our sexual offence solicitor will carry out a comprehensive analysis of the prosecution’s evidence, whilst collecting and preparing evidence and witness statements for you. We will submit any third party requests for disclosure, for example phone records and other information which we believe may help your case. We will represent you in court to the best of our ability, working closely with some of the leading barristers in the country to help achieve the best outcome for you.

We also deal with historic sexual offences which fall under different laws and legislation. Speak to us today and let our sexual offence solicitor help ease the situation, prepare you for all possible outcomes and achieve the best conclusion we can for your case.

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