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Sexual offences and the issue of consent
24 Aug 2022

Sexual assault is a criminal offence which includes inappropriate sexual contact with another person without their consent. There are many different types of sexual assault and if you are found guilty of sexual assault then you can be sentenced to a maximum of 10 years imprisonment. Sexual assault can include inappropriate touching of another person’s body without their permission. However, penetrating them with a penis, another body part or a foreign object, without consent is known as rape, assault by penetration or statutory rape if carried out in victims under the age of 16, which carries even more severe penalties.

Sexual assault also includes showing the victim images or videos of a sexual nature without their consent. Consent is a clear voluntary agreement between two people or more to willingly participate in sexual activity and this is a concept which everyone needs to be clear on for their own safety and the safety of others. Consent does not include silence or a shrug of the shoulders, a person must not feel threatened when they give consent, they must not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol and they can change their mind at any time. It is also important to remember that if a person gives consent to engage in one specific sexual action this does not mean that they have agreed to engage in another.

The importance of legal representation in sexual offence allegations

If you are worried that you may have engaged in sexual activity whilst the other person did not give consent, then you can speak to our sexual offence solicitor here at ABV Solicitors for impartial advice. If you have had doubts in your mind and now you have received a letter to  attend an interview under caution, then it is likely that you have been accused of  a sexual offence. If you have been placed under arrest for a sexual offence then it is vital to keep calm and ask to be put in touch with our sexual offence solicitor here, at the firm immediately, so that we can can assist you and guide you from the outset to help prevent you from implicating yourself any further.

A sexual offence allegation can have a devastating impact on the rest of your life, as well as on your family, friends and loved ones. It is essential that you have expert advice and guidance from our sexual offence solicitor throughout the process, as a caution can put you on the sex offenders register, whilst a conviction can result in imprisonment. Sexual offences are dealt with severely in court, therefore, you need the best representation to help achieve a positive outcome for yourself. We have been recognised as one of the top defence solicitors in the country. We have extensive experience in dealing with sexual offences and we will instruct some of the leading barristers in the country to help put together a strong defence for you. Whether you have been falsely accused of illegal sexual activity or you have unwittingly committed a criminal offence, we are here to help ease the process for you. If you are guilty of the crime then our sexual offence solicitor will use their expertise to help achieve the minimum sentence possible for your situation. Speak to us today to find out more about how we can help you.

Dealing with a sexual offence allegation with ABV Solicitors

Do you need a sexual offence solicitor? ABV Solicitors are a leading firm you can count on