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Need advice? Call our sexual offence solicitor
17 Mar 2023

An allegation of a crime is serious enough, but a crime of this nature requires drastic and immediate attention. A sexual offence solicitor from ABV Solicitors comes with a pedigree of a law firm with a sound reputation built over a number of years and as the result of numerous successes. Our lawyers do not work in isolation which means that you know that you always have access to our expertise. We are also well versed in the stressful effect that these types of cases have on clients and you will always be treated empathetically. We treat every case professionally and with the seriousness and respect that it deserves. Allegations can be levelled for a number of reasons and may have nothing to do with an actual offence. It is our job to investigate and get the facts together so that we can analyse the true situation. You are, therefore, well advised to get in touch as fast as possible, because the sooner we can start the better. In many cases this proactivity can help to avoid a prosecution. Finding yourself in a police station is not a pleasant situation to be in and it is reassuring to know that we will be on hand to represent you. If you do end up in a Magistrates or Crown Court our team will be on hand to protect your interests and defend your rights.

Understanding the complexity

Unless you are involved in the legal process on a regular basis it is virtually impossible to have a thorough understanding of the subject. Our teams are made up of a variety of skills and talents to enable us to offer a comprehensive service to our clients. A dynamic sexual offence solicitor at ABV Solicitors knows that a whole team provides the support necessary to be successful. Our reputation as one of the leading legal firms in the country has helped us to gain access to some formidable resources. King’s Counsel and barristers together with forensic and medical experts ensure that we can call upon the resources necessary for a particular case.

Passion and tenacity

To be a successful sexual offence solicitor it is necessary to have a passion and a tenacity that provides a dogged determination to act in the best interests of a client. Being able to accept that law is also about being aware and being prepared to constantly learn. New scenarios happen in every profession and it’s that ability to recognise them and learn from them that makes a great lawyer. At ABV Solicitors our teams pass on their knowledge so that as the next generation of lawyers comes through they are ready for the various situations as and when they arise. Because technology is becoming more entrenched in society it is important for the new generation to share their knowledge and expertise so that our clients benefit from the team’s skills.

Quick and decisive

Acting quickly and decisively will always work in your favour especially when faced with allegations relating to sexual offences. It’s never advised to take an arrogant stance, but rather contact us and let us take charge of the situation. Using the internet to provide you with the necessary knowledge to defend yourself is not advisable. Trying to stand up to something that you don’t have enough knowledge about can get you into more trouble, so leave the discussions to us.

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