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Myths about sexual offence debunked by our sexual offence solicitor
05 Oct 2022

If you have ever watched a soap opera in the UK, you will no doubt be familiar with sexual assault myths.

Sadly, much like myths relating to psychology and the law overall, these are largely false, and it can be easy to fall into the trap of assuming that because you saw it on TV, that is how it is in real life. However, if you find yourself accused of sexual assault, you need to seek legal representation as soon as possible and avoid going into a pub and having a blowout row as they do on TV!

When you come to ABV Solicitors, our sexual offence solicitor will be ready to defend your case. Our team is up-to-date on the most recent changes in the laws in these areas and will always defend your legal rights and fight to have any charges or penalties dropped.

With that in mind, in this article, our sexual offence solicitor debunks common myths that we hear relating to sexual assault in the UK. So, read on to learn a bit more about the law regarding this area.

Most rape cases are false

A bold myth to open with.

Most rape cases in the UK are found to be true, so if you have been accused of rape, even if it isn’t true, you still need the advice of our sexual offence solicitor.

A rape accusation is a serious one and should always be treated with a high level of legal expertise, which our team at ABV Solicitors can offer.

It is my word against theirs

In most cases, yes, it may seem to be one person’s word against someone else’s, but with the growth of technology, this has changed.

For example, suppose you are accused of touching someone inappropriately in a public place. It may no longer be a case of ‘my word versus theirs’ if there is CCTV footage showing the incident.

Similarly, if you have been accused of sending indecent photos of yourself, they can be tracked via logs, even if the messages have been deleted. So, much like the previous myth, any accusation of sexual assault needs to be taken seriously.

If I was drunk or high when I allegedly committed the offence, I will get away with it

Once again, this is not the case.

In fact, across the board, being inebriated with any drug is no longer seen as an acceptable excuse for illegal activity, from sexual assault to domestic violence. So, you will need our team’s help!

You cannot prove that rape occurred

Yes, you can, and not just with DNA evidence.

If a person was sexually assaulted or raped while drugged, blood tests will be able to detect the drug in their system. Then, there is the potential issue of eyewitnesses and, once again, CCTV footage (or any camera footage). So, yes, it can be proven beyond a reasonable doubt that a rape occurred, and you must take such an accusation seriously.

If it was an accidental interaction, I will not be punished

This can happen and does more often than most people think.

If you were sending inappropriate messages or engaging in sexual activity with someone underage and you weren’t aware, you can still be charged with rape or sexual assault.

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