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How does hiring a sexual offence solicitor benefit you
17 Jun 2022

Not all sexual offence accusations have a legitimate basis. Official research conducted by the Home Office concluded that 4% of sexual offence allegations that are reported are false.

False sexual allegations can be made when wanting to ‘get out of trouble’ (most notably with parents), as a cover-up for adultery and, almost always, to gain an emotional advantage. Monetary gains, mental instability and revenge are other common reasons why sexual offence allegations are made.

Unless an individual suspected of sexual misconduct defends the allegations with proper professional representation by a sexual offence solicitor, they stand very little chance of proving the accusations as false.

Allegations of any type of criminal wrongdoing, including sexual offences, can cause untold trauma and stress, not to mention placing the defendant’s life, career, relationships with family and personal freedom at risk.

The best chance anyone accused of sexual misconduct has in defending their case is by having a sexual offence solicitor represent them. At ABV Solicitors, we very well know the disruption a sexual wrongdoing allegation can have on the life of the person accused, which is why we have a talented team of vastly experienced solicitors to defend sexual wrongdoing offences.

Reasons to hire an experienced sexual offence solicitor

The first thing legal experts advise when one is accused of any wrongdoing is to seek legal representation; this could not be truer for sexual offence claims. There are many benefits to seeking the help of a sexual offence solicitor.

Face a fair investigation process

Ideally, all persons accused of criminal wrongdoing should face an ethical investigation process, but the reality is that this is not always the case. Looking for their convictions, law enforcement officials have been known to take unfair advantage of those suspected of misconduct. They have been known to ask inappropriate questions when interviewing a person accused of a crime, and another common tactic used by them is to say that there is no need for legal representation at this time. When being interviewed by the police, especially if one is facing an allegation, it is always important to have a solicitor present during the interview.

Have all the details of the allegations disclosed to you

It may not be widely known, but another common tactic used by the police is to withhold information that may be of critical importance to the person accused. A solicitor experienced in defending sexual wrongdoing claims will not only be well-versed in such unscrupulous tactics used by the police, but they will also know how to counter them. It is only with having all the relevant details that the accused, together with an experienced legal representative, can put up a solid defence.

Secure the best possible outcome

It is only with the advice and services of a sexual offence legal specialist that one can work towards the best possible outcome when defending a criminal claim. We have spent many years protecting the rights of our clients.

Choosing our well-experienced sexual offence solicitor at ABV Solicitors is how you can protect your rights and secure a brighter future. Avoid the devastating consequences that follow a sexual wrongdoing claim and call us now for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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What are the benefits of hiring a sexual offence solicitor?