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Historical sexual allegations; Our sexual offence solicitor explains
04 Mar 2022

If you’ve recently received news of historical sexual allgeations made against you, you might be feeling overwhelmed or confused. Maybe you haven’t had contact with the victim in some time, or the allegation refers to something far in the past that you can’t even remember. Our sexual offence solicitor urges you to remember that these allegations can still have devastating consequences and you should seek our help immediately.

Here at ABV Solicitors, time is important to us. The time since an accusation was made and the time in which we respond to said accusation can change the outcome of a charge entirely. We take both seriously.

What is a historical sexual allegation?

Historical sexual allegation cases have become more common lately with the rise of social media and television. Police stations are constantly receiving reports of sexual assault or rape from the past, with one or more instances, which is exactly what a historical sexual allegation is. If you have been faced with an allegation, it is imperative that you get in contact with our sexual offence solicitor to get the advice you need straight away.

With these sexual assault allegations, sometimes it is not the

alleged victim who raises the concern, but rather a family member on their behalf, especially if it involves a child who was too young to remember in detail what happened at the time of the assault. It is important to remember that in some of these cases, the accusations have been proven false due to an ulterior motive from the family member.

When the sexual assault in question involves a child, the case can become increasingly difficult so it is extremely important that you have our sexual offence solicitor on your side to offer you support. When there is a presumed intent of inflicting pain on a child, the atmosphere will turn incredibly hostile and will be much more harsh on you as the accused.

Evidence in historical sexual allegations

During your historical sexual accusation case, evidence will be collected from yourself and the victim. The victim will recount their version, or their memory of the multiple events. It is likely that the victim will seem open, sincere and honest, but a memory is not always a reliable piece of evidence. Some witnesses may have a lot of confidence and will have rehearsed their recount multiple times, others will have convinced themselves of every detail, but there will be inconsistencies in their stories and therefore placing too much emphasis on their memory as evidence would be irresponsible. Our solicitor’s are aware of this.

Extrinsic evidence will also always be taken into consideration. This kind of evidence relates to circumstances outside of the case itself and can be categorised as motivation that arises from factors outside an individual.

For these cases, the reliability of the evidence is the most important thing.

How we can help

As your solicitor, all we want to do is answer your questions, offer you support and defend you until the last possible moment. We will protect you and use our extensive knowledge and experience to get you the best possible outcome available. Get in touch.

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