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Historic sexual offences: FAQs answered by our sexual offence solicitor
20 Apr 2022

The past has always been looked to as a source of education and, while some people desire to sweep unfortunate things that may have happened to them a while ago under the rug, for others, this may not be possible.

And in recent years, this has been seen countless times in the media, regarding information relating to previous incidents of sexual abuse, with notorious cases like that of Jimmy Saville, Rolf Harris and Bill Cosby being the most commonly talked about.

But what should you do if you are accused of what is referred to as historic sexual assault?

At ABV Solicitors, our sexual offence solicitor will be on hand to offer you advice relating to your case and will offer it in a non-judgemental, jargon-free manner, so you can understand how we intend to fight your corner.

But if you are accused of a historic sexual offence, you may be confused as to what this means and what the punishments may be. Here, our sexual offence solicitor offers some insight.

What is considered a historic sexual offence?

As the name suggests, a case of historic sexual assault is usually one that occurred many years ago; in some instances, it may have occurred decades ago. In other cases, it may have occurred more recently but was not reported for several potential reasons, which our sexual offence solicitor will discuss later.

How are these allegations investigated?

Many challenges can come along with investigating a case of historic sexual abuse. But in all instances, the police and other agencies will begin looking for evidence to corroborate the account of the accuser. This can be tricky, as the trail for older cases may be cold due to medical records being destroyed or other evidence being misplaced, so they often try to gain as much information from any potential witnesses as possible or they will encourage other victims to come forward.

It is hard to look for witnesses of such crimes, however, as they generally occur in private situations.

How and when are historic allegations prosecuted?

In Wales and England, there is no time limitation on when sexual assault or offences may be prosecuted.

So, if an allegation is brought forward against you, you will need to seek the advice of our team to help you with your defence. If the Crown Prosecution Service believes that there is enough evidence, you may be convicted as it will be considered the best response for the safety of the public.

Why would someone report a historic sexual offence so long after the alleged event?

Research has found that there are many reasons why people may delay reporting sexual assault; fear of repercussions, poor report taking by the police at the time, and other issues like securing convictions should the case go to trial if it was reported, but no action was taken.

What should I do if I’m accused of a historic sexual offence?

If you are accused of committing a historic sexual assault, this should not be taken lightly and you will need to seek the advice of a trained expert. Luckily, our solicitors who specialise in the area of sexual offence can offer you confidential and judgement-free advice, and can fight your case should it go to court.

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