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Have you spent hours trying to find a suitable sexual offence solicitor?
22 Dec 2021

When you are accused of an offence of a sexual nature it can be incredibly stressful and some people may even feel too embarrassed to reach out for help. At ABV Solicitors we understand that these allegations can be made against anyone and will do whatever we can to help you in your time of difficulty. It is easy to contact our sexual offence solicitor and once you have spoken to them you will then have an appointment to discuss your case and potential results that you are striving to achieve. We can help you with a range of issues and have outstanding experience in dealing with even the most complicated of cases. Our offices are based around the country and our legal advisors work on a nationwide basis, so wherever you are, we can be there for you too.

Providing support for a range of offences

At ABV Solicitors our sexual offence solicitor is extremely experienced and can represent people for a wide variety of different offences. If you have been accused of rape, sexual assault, exploitation or grooming, child abuse, indecent images or even historical sexual allegations then we are here to help you achieve the best possible outcome. We understand that allegations of this nature can severely impact your entire life, from your business or employment to your family life and any future prospects you may have had too. Our legal team manages to be entirely professional whilst also empathetic when discussing your case with you, as we understand how emotional it can be. Some people will have extremely simple cases that are resolved within short periods of time, whilst some cases can end up going on for several months or even longer in some cases. We are there to help you with advice at the police station after you have been arrested through to representing you in court if your case should go to trial.

Help us to help you

It is important that you cooperate completely with your sexual offence solicitor once they have agreed to represent you as concealing the truth or trying to alter information will only delay the length of time it takes to complete your case. You must make sure that you are completely honest with us and provide as much information as possible as early on as possible to ensure that we have access to all the information and witnesses that we need to help to achieve the results that you want. Our sexual offence solicitor will always keep you updated and inform you of any delays that have occurred with reasons as to why this has happened. We are available seven days a week, twenty-four hours of the day as well, so if you ever need to contact us to inform us of any developments or need to speak to us just regarding your case then we are here for you whenever you need us. We advise that you hire a legal advisor as soon as possible if you have been accused of something as the initial stages of your case will usually be the most important. Not having someone to translate complicated legal jargon to you or to offer you professional advice could end up damaging your case or even making the whole situation a lot worse for you.

How our sexual offence solicitor can help you

Don’t hesitate when it comes to getting a sexual offence solicitor