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Have you been accused of a sexual offence? ABV Solicitors are here for you
25 Dec 2020

With a media push on a variety of sexual offences from #metoo to child abuse cases, it can be a frightening thing to be accused of committing a sexual offence. Having expert legal representation from a sexual offence solicitor is essential to help you get the best outcome and ABV Solicitors are highly experienced as a recognised ‘leading firm’. It is important that you seek support as soon as possible to ensure that you get the right advice and representation for you and your specific case.

The areas of law we work in

A sexual offence solicitor will cover representation for a variety of issues. Here at ABV Solicitors, we are highly experienced and skilled in defending clients accused of rape, sexual assault, sexual exploitation, sexual grooming, historical sexual allegations, indecent images, and child abuse. Being accused of any of these things can be incredibly upsetting and we understand how serious the situation is for our clients. All of these charges are grave and can have a long lasting effect on our client’s reputation, when wrongly accused. We seek to help alleviate the pressure from you in the service we provide.

How we can help

Alongside our extensive experience in high profile cases, we aim to provide you with the best representation. Our work will include taking proactive measures such as interviewing witnesses and gathering relevant evidence to counter the charges laid against you. This is why it is so important that you get the right team in place as early on in the proceedings as possible, to ensure that this level of work can be carried out thoroughly in order to get you the best defence case. We can also provide representation at the police station, the Magistrates Court and the Crown Court. We have access to some of the country’s leading barristers who will be able to represent you in the Crown Court, as well as QCs and forensic and medical experts. Having these experts will further strengthen your defence as we aim to disprove the accusations being made against you.

We’re always here for you

We understand that working 9-5 isn’t going to help our clients. We offer flexible appointments to fit in with you and your situation. We are available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. We will of course deal with your case in the strictest of confidence and we aim to be discreet in any of our investigative work. Our mission is to get the right outcome for you and limit the impact upon your life as much as we can. We also offer a range of options for payment, including private funding and legal aid, and we also enable clients to pay with any legal insurance they may have.

If you’re facing a nightmare situation and you need to find a guiding light, we are here to support you and give you the expert advice and representation from a sexual offence solicitor that you need. You can be confident that you are getting excellent representation with our ‘leading firm’ status and vast experience of high profile cases. Come to us at ABV Solicitors and let us bring proceedings to a close.

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