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Grooming; a guide from our sexual offence solicitor
18 Feb 2022

It is one of the most devastating crimes that can happen to a child or vulnerable person, which can leave psychological scars, ranging from PTSD to depression; sexual assault.

And, understandably, it is not taken lightly by the UK legal system; if you are accused of sexually assaulting, exploiting or abusing a child, you could be sentenced to 10 or more years in prison and an unlimited fine.

At ABV Solicitors, we know that being accused of child grooming or any kind of sexual grooming can leave someone wrought with stress. And so, our sexual offence solicitor is here to represent you with top-notch legal representation.

In this short guide, our sexual offence solicitor will explain what is meant by grooming under UK law, what the sentences are if you are found guilty and how we can help.

What is grooming?

In short, under UK law, sexual grooming is the process used to prepare someone vulnerable for sexual abuse; this can be a child, someone with intellectual disabilities, mental health issues and so on. In most cases, the term is applied to children.

According to our sexual offence solicitor, in most cases, sexual grooming is very carefully planned out by the abuser(s) and can take weeks or months to develop to the point where the child is exposed to sexual exploitation, assault or sexual abuse.

And so, if you have been accused of such an offence, it should be taken very seriously, and you should call our team straightaway.

Media and sexual grooming

More people are going online, and this is a great way to stay in touch with friends in other countries or watch videos on social media.

However, it is also a platform used by sexual predators to lure in children for exploitation. If you have been talking to someone online and have recently discovered that they are under the age of 16, you should seek our advice.

Even if there is no intention on their part of seeking legal reprimands for conversations, this can be a very dangerous area and so, seeking advice at the earliest opportunity can be helpful.

Sexual communication

Another way many children and vulnerable people are groomed for abuse is via text messages and emails.

And if you have sent a sexual message to someone you assumed was over the age of 16 and received a sexual response, that alone can land you in hot water with a sentence of 2 years in prison.


If you have been engaging in sexual activity with someone who you have recently discovered is underage, then you need to seek legal representation immediately.

This is not an admission of guilt and will not be seen as such should your case go to court. If possible, try to retain any evidence of miscommunication about age (if applicable), and our team at ABV Solicitors will work hard to ensure that these considerations are explored by the legal system should the case be reported. We cannot guarantee success due to issues surrounding consent and age, but we will aim to have any sentences reduced if possible.

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