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Falsely accused of a sexual offence? Contact our sexual offence solicitor, now
20 Sep 2023

Emotion and money are often two of the factors that conspire to cause an allegation of misconduct of a sexual nature to be made. If you are the person being falsely accused, beware of the consequences of acting irrationally. Words are said and actions taken in the heat of the moment which can have dire consequences. Making a simple phone call to our sexual offence solicitor can save you a lot of anxiety and regret later. Allegations of this nature invariably involve only two people so it comes down to your word against theirs. It is far better to walk away and not engage in dialogue and let a member of our experienced experts represent you from the start.

Long lasting effects

The fact that you have been accused can cause significant damage to your working reputation and among your family and friends. To limit the effects of being falsely accused our sexual offence attorney will advise you. Our team will rapidly assess your case and gather as much evidence and information as possible to act quickly.

Your personal team

We all have different personalities and to ensure that you get the best service at all times we will assign a team around you and your case. Your experienced sexual offence solicitor will bring the experience and skills of years of experience backed up by an efficient and effective team. You can feel confident that ABV Solicitors is a highly regarded legal practice with a vast number of years of experience. We are regarded among our peers as a major law firm and we are able to utilise the services of some of the finest barristers and KC’s as well as medical and forensic experts.


To be able to represent you we will need detailed answers, without exception, to our questions. Your backroom team will gather evidence through a range of methods, including interviewing any witnesses who may have been around at the time and gathering evidence. We will represent you at all police interviews, magistrates and crown courts. If you have any queries or questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. You should refrain from contact in any form with the accused or anyone connected to that person. It is advisable to not use or at least limit your social media activity until we advise you that it is safe to continue. Our clients enjoy a high level of discretion and confidentiality and we recommend that you only speak to us about your case.

More than legal expertise

Years of helping clients who have been falsely accused has helped members of our legal teams to develop and hone their own set of empathetic skills. The cases that they deal with are highly charged and evoke deep passionate and emotional feelings. These can lead to vindictiveness and a desire to cause as much pain and suffering as possible. In some cases bringing the seriousness of trying to pervert the course of justice to the accuser’s attention can resolve matters. A rational discussion can also sometimes go a long way to bringing an accuser to their senses. At ABV Solicitors your team will help you in every way possible to achieve a positive conclusion.

Wrongly accused? Get help from our sexual offence solicitor!

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