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Dealing with a false sexual offence allegation using the help of our sexual offence solicitor
25 Jan 2023

A sexual assault is a life-changing experience and something that victims can struggle with for the rest of their lives, but it is important to remember that it is equally life-changing and difficult for those who are falsely accused of a sexual offence. The consequences are severe and immediate. Those who are accused of a sexual offence can lose their reputation, lose their jobs, lose their friends and family and be put on the sex offenders list for the world to see. Some can even go to prison. If you are accused of a sexual offence, whether you are guilty or it is a false allegation, it is vital that you speak to us at ABV Solicitors and allow us to delegate an expert solicitor for your assistance. A sexual offence solicitor will represent you for the whole process and provide their specialist advice and representation.

Important advice for dealing with a false accusation

To begin with it is important that you do not speak to the police, the authorities or even your friends and family until you have consulted our sexual offence solicitor. The initial reaction when we are falsely accused of something is to say that I didn’t do it and offer an explanation or even an apology. It is essential that you do not speak to anyone without the advice of our solicitor to prevent implicating yourself any further in the case. As you may hear in the movies: everything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. It is also equally important that you do not contact or communicate with the complainant as this can also implicate you later on in the process.

The next step is to explain your version of events in as much detail as you possibly can to our sexual offence solicitor so that we can understand the situation and plan how we will proceed. If you find yourself in a situation where sexual activity occurs and you are unsure whether or not what has happened is legal then you need to establish a timeline and make a note of events, as your memory may not be as good a few days later, a few weeks later or even a few months from now. You should write down the name of any witnesses who will be able to say where you were or can support your version of events. Sexual offence allegations can even be made many years after the event has occurred.

Top criminal defence with ABV Solicitors

Criminal defence is our speciality and here at ABV Solicitors we have been recognised as one of the leading criminal defence solicitors in the country. We deal with all forms of sexual offence including child abuse, rape, sexual assault and any other criminal sexual activity, including high-profile crimes. Everything you say to us will be in confidence and dealt with the highest levels of sensitivity and professionalism. With all the right information we will be able to put together a strong defence for you. Speak to us today to find out more.

Case Dropped – Sexual Assault

A sexual offence solicitor could bring an end to your nightmare