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Been accused of sexual assault? Common questions answered by sexual offence solicitors at ABV
28 Oct 2020

When you are falsely accused of a sexual assault, it is a far from relaxing time.

It is likely that you will begin to question everything; what will happen to your family? Will you lose your job? And, of course, what is going to happen to your reputation?

While it is easy to panic when you are informed that you have been accused of a sexual offence, it is important to remain as level headed as possible and to contact appropriate legal representation. It may seem that your choice of solicitor is not important, but in the UK legal system, sexual assault and sexual offences are an enormous area. In order to get the best outcome for yourself and your family, you will need to seek out the advice of a solicitor that is trained specifically in representing clients who have been accused of sexual misconduct.

At ABV Solicitors, we can help. Our sexual offence solicitor will defend you from the moment they are hired and, if your case goes to court, they will represent you aggressively and ethically. With our in-depth knowledge of building cases and the UK legal system, we are proud to be able to offer defence for anyone who is accused of sexual assaults.

But what are some of the most common questions that our sexual offence solicitor is asked by clients? Read on to find out.

I’ve been accused of a sexual offence – what should I do?

The moment you find out that you have been or are about to be accused of a sexual assault, contact our sexual offence solicitor at ABV Solictiors. Do not under any circumstances contact the accuser. Even if you are found innocent, this strategy will work well in your defence as we can build your case from an early stage.

What happens in relation to the police?

In cases of sexual assault, the police may either arrest you without prior notice or ask you to attend an interview voluntarily. Regardless of which option is undertaken, you should contact our team for legal advice when you are at the police station.

I’ve been charged – what happens now?

If you are charged, you will have to go to court. Depending on the seriousness of the allegation, you will attend either the Magistrates Court or the Crown Court. Once again, our team at ABV Solicitors will be able to defend you in either scenario.

The police have confiscated my phone – can I contact them to get it back?

This is standard practice in sexual assault investigations. Unless the case is rushed, which rarely occurs, you will not have your phone for a few months. But, if you need your phone for work purposes, our team can liaise with the police to speed up the confiscation time.

Isn’t it just the accuser’s word against mine?

No; as sexual offences typically occur in secluded, private areas, witnesses are not required to prove sexual assault in the UK and this offence is taken very seriously.

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