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Arrested for sexual assault? Our sexual offence solicitor can help
28 Mar 2022

When you are arrested for committing sexual assault, it can be a worrying and stressful time. Especially if you have been falsely accused or there has been a misunderstanding. You will be worried about your job, your name and of course, about the long-term effects that such an arrest can have. But try not to fret.

There are many ways you can gain help and, after you are arrested, the first thing you need to do is seek legal advice. Even if you are innocent, this can go a long way to helping you avoid being charged, going to court or undertaking any custodial sentences.

At ABV Solicitors, our team can help. We have a sexual offence solicitor on staff who can offer support to you day and night, 365 days a year. We offer a discreet, non-judgemental service and focus solely on the facts and building your defence.

But why should you hire our sexual offence solicitor to help you defend your case? What services can we provide? Read on to find out.


When you have been arrested for sexual assault, even if you are innocent, you will need advice. And our sexual offence solicitor can provide it quickly. We will visit you at the police station and offer advice during police interviews. We generally recommend that our clients do not engage in interviews without legal representation present, which you are legally entitled to. This is another reason why you need to call our team as soon as possible, to prevent any mishaps or outbursts which can be used against you, should your case go to court. We will tailor our expert advice of this area to fit your case, so you will be defended with the highest level of legal knowledge.


Defence is what we can offer and we are experts at doing so.

Whether the allegations against you are factual or misconstrued, you will need to begin building your defence as soon as you are arrested. Our team will look through the facts of your case, talk to you and review any evidence that you may have (such as text messages or emails) to begin building the defence. We aim to get you released without charge and no further investigation being undertaken by the police.


Much like defending your case in the police station, should you be charged and go to court, we can represent you there too.

Our team has fought and won many sexual assault cases for our clients and we will always work to ensure that your legal rights are defended and that your side of the story is told. This is easier and more successful if we are consulted early, so always aim to call us as soon as you are arrested.


Should you be given a custodial sentence (prison time) relating to the sexual assault, our team will liaise with judges and other legal teams on your behalf, to attempt to have these sentences reduced.

We can liaise with police and prosecution on your behalf too, to try to come to a compromise that saves you from being sent to prison.

If you have been arrested relating to sexual assault, please feel free to call our team at ABV Solicitors today for more information.

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