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Accused of sexual assault? Consult sexual offence solicitor, nationwide representation
06 Sep 2023

Being accused of a sexually related offence can have disastrous effects on your life and those close to you, now and in the future. The delicacy with which this sort of accusation needs to be handled requires the attention of a highly experienced sexual offence solicitor. Allegations of this nature can be the result of a relationship souring, for financial gain or a variety of other reasons. ABV Solicitors have a vast amount of experience in this field and will provide you with the benefit of their knowledge, expertise and skill in dealing with legal matters of this nature.

Highly regarded

You can draw confidence from the fact that ABV Solicitors have a well respected reputation and are regarded as a “leading legal firm”. It is prudent to seek advice from our sexual offence solicitor immediately that you are accused rather than trying to handle matters yourself. The nature of this offence often causes matters to spin out of control rapidly causing you more distress and making matters more difficult in the long run.


We handle all cases with the utmost confidentiality and discretion and it is advisable that as a client you adopt the same approach, for your own benefit. Our team will represent you at the police station, magistrates or crown courts ensuring that you receive the best advice at all times.

More than just legal knowledge!

In addition to legal knowledge and expertise our team has experience of the trauma that can be caused and we can quickly identify the effect that it is having on the parties concerned. No two people are the same and therefore reactions differ from person to person. We will analyse your case and allocate the best specialist team to deal with your particular circumstances. Our experience allows us to quickly identify how to handle the relevant parties to keep emotions from making your situation worse. Addressing the matter in a calm and mature manner will often help to make dialogue bring matters to an amicable conclusion.

Social media

Being drawn into responding to social media communications can only exacerbate the situation and it is far better to listen to our advice and avoid getting involved. When you discuss your case with our sexual offence solicitor you can rest assured that they operate as part of a team. This team is thorough and will conduct all the necessary investigations, interviews and research to be able to defend you robustly. Our team members have complimentary skills and their experience will help and guide you. You will be advised to bring anything that you receive or find on social media to our attention, so that we can attend to it.

Better to be cautious

Because of the nature and complexity of these types of accusations it is better to be cautious and to allow us to act on your behalf.  We will always work to achieve the best outcome for you based on the circumstances of your case. It is better therefore to avoid any confrontation as even the most innocent comment can be misconstrued resulting in damaging your defence.

Not Guilty – Sexual Assault

NFA – Medical Student