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A sexual offence solicitor you can trust

06 April 2020

A sexual offence is an extremely serious and sensitive legal accusation, and one we would never take lightly at our ABV firm within London. Our experienced, passionate, and dedicated legal team have many years of experience working with sexual offence cases such as rape, child abuse, sexual grooming, and even historical sexual allegations. We understand that sexual offences can affect your personal and professional life, which is why we consistently deliver a highly professional and experienced legal approach to all of our cases.

Who will I be working with?

Finding a sexual offence solicitor could be considered as a large financial and emotional investment, which is why many of our clients may prefer to know who they are dealing with. One example of our highly skilled solicitors is Claire Hewitt, who has over eighteen years worth of experience within the field of criminal defence. Aside from her work in criminal defence, she is specialised in working with allegations of sexual offences under the sexual offences act of 2003, meaning she is a huge asset to our legal team.

A few examples

Claire Hewitt has worked with many important cases in Lincoln, and Isleworth Crown Court, all of which are evidence of her success within the diverse field of law.

Did you know?

Claire is just one member of the excellent legal team we offer at our ABV firm within London. Our services cater for clients both nationally and internationally, which is why we boast a varied and skilled team of over five key individuals within the field of sexual offences.

Are you in need of a sexual offence solicitor?

If you have been falsely accused of a crime you did not commit you may be finding it hard to determine the best course of action. At ABV Solicitors in London we help individuals in all types of cases, and of all complexities, to navigate the confusing world of false allegations and criminal law. We believe that early intervention can make a huge difference to the outcome of your legal case, which is why we suggest you contact our services as soon as you are able.

Let us help you

If you believe our discreet and accredited legal services can help you, then feel free to contact us now. Located on our modern website we have many forms of contact available for even our busiest clients, such as our online contact form.

Many of our clients may be occupied with work or social events which is why we offer them the chance to enter their personal details and a short message regarding their enquiry, this can be perfect for those who wish for a rough idea of the next legal step.

A more direct approach

Many of our clients may be pressed for time and therefore may not be able to fill out their contact details. This is why we always offer our direct telephone number and our email address, this contact option may be perfect for clients who wish to explain their case in greater detail, or for those who are unsure of the best possible legal route.

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