Operation Curtain – Investigation Stage

This investigation involves substantial surveillance by HMRC on the illicit activities of a number of individuals suspected of being involved in the fraudulent evasion of circa £2 million cigarettes. A vast amount of cash was seized during the investigation and a number of arrests have been made for the evasion of duty and for money…

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Operation Bombard – Investigation Stage

HMRC in conjunction with the UK Border Force are leading this extensive investigation relating to the seizure of millions of pounds worth of cigarettes which were imported in several consignments into Heathrow Airport. The case involves substantial surveillance including convert and intrusive surveillance.

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R v Z – Southwark Crown Court

The case is split into two sections: a Multi-million pound VAT carousel fraud and duty evasion on cigarettes imported into the UK. Defendants were alleged to have falsely created companies to orchestrate transactions where a substantial amount of VAT was owed to the Revenue. Cigarettes were bought into the UK through importations of tissues and…

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Operation Eiger – Southwark Crown Court

This case concerned a huge Conspiracy to Evade Duty and VAT of circa £40 million relating to the smuggling of tobacco from China and Russia. The case involved three separate trials due to the number of defendants involved. The case was one of the largest prosecutions of its time.

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R v Z – Birmingham Crown Court

A £150 million corporation tax fraud where allegedly work was declared, that had not been undertaken, for an innovative project in science and technology in order to claim Research and Development Tax Relief. There is a complex arrangement of companies in the haven islands and overseas which requires detailed analysis of legal documents.

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Operation Railhead – Snaresbrook Crown Court

This was a serious and sustained Conspiracy to Cheat and Mortgage Fraud involving vast sums of monies. The matter took over two years to investigate due to the vast number of banks and different mortgage applications involved. The prosecution authority was HMRC.

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R v N – Isleworth Crown Court

This matter related to a serious fraud and tax evasion exceeding £1.2M on a large buy to let property portfolio. The case involves a series of allegedly fraudulent mortgage applications over a ten- year period by the defendant and his wife. They were also accused of failing to pay income tax on the rental income…

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Operation Union – Birmingham Crown Court

The Defendant along with others committed frauds and other offences relating to cherished number plates from DVLA. The police conducted a lengthy surveillance operation to gather evidence in this complex fraud which also involved stolen and cloned vehicles.

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R v W – Snaresbrook Crown Court

This case concerned a large telecoms multi handed fraud in which many multinational telecom companies were defrauded of airtime. The matter was investigated by the NCS and involved covert intrusive surveillance which was successfully challenged.

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R v G – Isleworth Crown Court

Alleged breach of trust case where the Defendant was suspected of abusing her position as a payroll manger to defraud her employer, Sodexo. In addition, the Defendant and others allegedly falsely applied for around 300 airside passes in return for remuneration, an act said to have caused a major breach of security at Heathrow airport.

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