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What can our fraud solicitor help you with?
03 May 2021

At ABV Solicitors we endeavour to get you the results that you desire when it comes to being accused of types of fraud or money laundering. We understand how lives can be severely affected in the cases where things do not go according to plan, which is why we strive to come up with a rigorous strategy that will help to achieve your legal goals. Our fraud solicitor can help you with a wide range of fraud related issues such as HMRC tax investigations and investment fraud, and will make sure that they are there to act for you from the moment that you are arrested or are in need of representation. The earlier you seek advice the likelier it is to achieve a result that you are happy with. If you think that you could benefit from legal advice then you can speak to someone from our professional team today by giving us a call or contacting us through our website.

Money laundering and investment fraud

Money laundering can involve any form of cash, money transfer or property that are considered as criminal property. Our fraud solicitor can help you whether you are an individual or a corporate client if you have been accused of breaching the Money Laundering Regulations. Not seeking legal guidance in these circumstances could impact the stability of your future or end up putting your business in jeopardy. Our team of solicitors for fraud are skilled at what they do and also provide information on compliance to businesses and individuals when it comes to the Proceeds of Crime Act.

HMRC tax investigations

HMRC tax investigations often go hand in hand with money laundering and can often be totally unexpected. At ABV Solicitors our fraud solicitor works closely with expert barristers to ensure that you get the best possible defence for your case. If HMRC contact you regarding a tax investigation it is vital that you seek advice as soon as possible, as your business could suffer from severe financial penalties and you could even potentially face criminal proceedings. HMRC have also been granted additional powers which have resulted in an increase in the number of tax investigations and prosecutions that are taking place.

Getting our advice when you are at the police station

As soon as you have been arrested or are taking part in an interview under caution you are entitled to legal representation. At ABV Solicitors we want to make sure that you know we are here for you from the word go and will support you through the entirety of your investigation. We believe that getting quality legal advice during the initial stages of your investigation can mean the difference between getting arrested or not, and in the circumstances where your investigation is pending we are able to attend on your behalf. This allows us to carefully prepare your defence beforehand and will also allow you to avoid having to get your photographs, DNA and fingerprints taken at the station. We are also able to contact your employer for you if you have been arrested or suspended from work.

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