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What are the benefits of hiring a fraud solicitor?
04 May 2020

The consequences of being convicted of a crime involving fraud can be far reaching and lifelong which is why seeking out a fraud solicitor is worth the cost. When you consider the implications of a fraud conviction it is easy to see why the best advice includes hiring a fraud solicitor. The outcomes of a fraud charge range greatly according to the defendant’s level of guilt, and include intent and degree of damage that has taken place. It is common for a defendant, who had a significant role to play in the criminal activity that resulted in substantial financial damage, to face the maximum sentencing.

The best position for a defendant to fight a fraud charge from is one that is guided by a fraud solicitor. This is the case for both minor fraud allegations, as well as more serious ones. ABV Solicitors has a team of very experienced solicitors for fraud, representing clients in an extensive array of investigations and charges that include money laundering, HMRC investigations, unexplained wealth orders and prosecutions in trading standards.

 What to know when facing a fraud charge

Solicitors for fraud are legal practitioners with the required knowledge and relevant practical experience to initiate a proper defence against allegations of fraud in order to secure the best possible outcomes for their clients.

A fraud investigation can be a time-consuming process that can be emotionally and mentally exhausting for the person under investigation. Our fraud solicitors can be of invaluable help and support during this trying time. They know what the processes and procedures are that need to be followed and their expert advice can facilitate a simpler investigative process.

  1. Defending fraud allegations requires a profound level of knowledge of the law

Shows on television and in the movies often present the law in simplified terms that can be very far from reality. The lay person may question the important role a solicitor plays in defending a charge of criminal activity. A solid understanding of criminal law and regulations pertaining to fraud charges is indispensable in the support of a proper defence strategy.

The local court system represents the playing field of qualified fraud solicitors. They pass on this knowledge and experience and apply it to their clients’ cases. There are acceptable ways of addressing the different players in the court of law and knowing what these subtle differences are and applying them can make a difference to a defendant’s case.

Fraud solicitors are not only required for their extensive criminal knowledge, but also for their specific skill set. When being investigated for fraud crimes there is invariably an exhaustive amount of paperwork that needs to be filled in and filed. An experienced fraud solicitor will be well aware of the required paperwork and how to fill it out properly. In addition to this, more often than not a solicitor will be required to utilise their negotiation skills, especially in criminal charges, to secure the best result for their client.

We do not advise a person being interviewed for fraud crimes to see through this process on their own. Self-representations greatly expose defendants to frightening risks that will impact on their freedoms and professional reputations. At ABV Solicitors we have a skilled team of leading solicitors for fraud to get behind your defence, so why not give us a call?

Are you in need of a fraud solicitor?

What are the advantages of hiring a fraud solicitor?