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Understanding fraud and white-collar crime and knowing when to reach out to a fraud solicitor
24 Feb 2020

Being accused of fraud in the workplace can have severe repercussions for you if you do not act on the allegations the moment that you learn of them. Not only is your reputation at stake, but you could face financial ruin, harsh penalties, or possible imprisonment.

Our legal representatives will advise you during the crucial stages of the investigation, teaching you how to engage with enforcement agencies, the prosecution, and other experts involved, both calmly and professionally. Whether guilty or innocent, how you conduct yourself could impact the outcome of your case.

The principal role of our fraud solicitor at ABV Solicitors is to devise effective strategies to ensure that you receive the best defence possible.

Why should I reach out to a fraud solicitor?

You must hire a fraud solicitor or enquire about legal aid if you cannot afford one because fraud law is difficult to navigate by oneself.

The legal procedures are complicated to understand and filled with technical terminology. Having our solicitors for fraud at your side will help you better understand what you are accused of, simplify legal terms for you, and strengthen your case with our extensive legal know-how.

When should I reach out to a solicitor for fraud?

If you are called into the police station for questioning or are arrested, you have a right to legal representation. Usually, duty solicitors are provided and are available around the clock.

If it is your first time being questioned, you may be understandably stressed, anxious, nervous, or scared. Having a solicitor for fraud at your side, a professional who is independent of the police, providing support and overseeing an interrogation, is a necessary comfort.

However, we must stress the importance of hiring specialised fraud solicitors from the get-go to handle your case. Lawyers with limited experience or understanding of fraud law could provide you with the wrong advice that could affect your situation.

If you need to switch lawyers because the relationship with yours is irrevocably broken, we will be happy to take up the case and work with you. We will ensure you receive a fair trial if you go to court and ensure that you are acutely aware of your legal rights.

What penalties or punishments will I face if I am found guilty?

A few things determine the punishment you may receive for your alleged wrongdoing.

For example, your involvement in the crime is looked at, as well as the type of fraud that has been committed. Your level of awareness is looked at, for example, were you knowingly part of a fraud syndicate? Other factors that are looked at include the value of the money or assets swindled and the length of time that the misconduct was carried out.

If you know that you are implicated, pleading guilty from the start could prove beneficial for you.

Previous convictions also play a part, so being a first-time offender could work in your favour.

In terms of the type of retribution you will receive, these range from being handed down a prison sentence that varies in length or community service, to paying the victim back for money from damages experienced.

Under certain circumstances, your punishment might be probation. Probation is when you serve your sentence without going to jail. This should not be taken lightly as failing to comply with the conditions of probation could be detrimental for you.

Understanding the ins and outs of fraud

Accused of fraudulent misconduct and need a lawyer? Let our fraud solicitor help you!