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Tips on choosing a business fraud solicitor
11 Feb 2022

When your company is under investigation for fraud, you will want to choose a team that knows what they are doing and can defend you. But this can be a tough process, as when you run a business or company, you don’t ever intend to be under investigation for fraud! Rather than panic, the first thing you need to do is seek out legal advice. And this is where our team of solicitors comes into play.

When you come to ABV Solicitors, we can guarantee that you will receive tailored legal advice to your specific needs and that we will work hard to defend your case. Our fraud solicitor has extensive knowledge, training and experience in defending those whose companies are being investigated for fraud, and will defend your case ethically and aggressively.

In this article, we briefly assess what to look for in a fraud solicitor and explore why you should choose our team at the practice.

Relevant experience

When you are looking for a fraud solicitor to defend your company, look for a firm that shows a broad range of experience with your kind of fraud case.

For instance, we have worked with a wide range of clients who have been accused of fraud, from more minor offences to allegations of money laundering. Our team will also be happy to provide details about previous cases that we have defended, so you can ascertain our range of experience.


It can be easy when choosing a solicitor to assume that all firms have members on staff who have the required legal qualifications. But this is not always the case, which can cost you dearly if you go to court.

At ABV Solicitors, we invest in our solicitors; they all have the required legal training, from degrees and up and we ensure that they undertake the necessary legal training each year to stay up to date with changes in the law. So the advice you will receive will be relevant and delivered by a highly trained professional.


If you are reading this post in a police cell after being arrested for fraud allegations at 2 am, you will want to look for a legal team that is available to defend you right now. And we are!

Our team is available to offer legal advice to our clients 24 hours a day 365 days a year, so you can rest assured that we have your back and can be at the police station to offer legal advice irrespective of the time of day.


If your business is in a location that does not have immediate access to a high-quality fraud representative, our team is willing to travel to meet you where you are. Alternatively, we can offer online counsel via meeting apps, to offer advice and to keep you up to date with any developments in your case.

When you need legal advice to fight fraud allegations, call our team at ABV Solicitors and we will always be happy to help.

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