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The importance of a fraud solicitor for different types of fraud cases
16 Jan 2023

A fraud allegation can have a significant impact on all aspects of your life. Not only can it cause financial repercussions, but it can affect your chances of a job or career in the future. It can devastate your social reputation as well as your relationships with your family and friends. Here at ABV Solicitors we are a group of highly experienced and skilled criminal defence solicitors with extensive knowledge of fraud and financial crime. We deal with high-profile cases as well as the needs of the public. We work with clients locally, nationally and on an international level dealing with financial crime and fraud allegations. Our fraud solicitor can put together a strong defence for your case.

Different types of fraud

There are three main types of fraud that are described in the Fraud Act 2006. Fraud can be carried out by false representation, it can be carried out by failing to disclose information and it can be carried out by abuse of position. Some of the most common types of fraud are banking fraud, insurance fraud and credit fraud. Banking fraud has increased significantly since online banking was established. This includes convincing the victim to voluntarily give away personal information or transfer their money into another account. Banking fraud also includes loan fraud which involves taking out a loan under someone else’s name using stolen or fake documents. Credit fraud is a form of identity theft that involves using another person’s credit card or personal information without their knowledge for monetary gain at the loss of the victim. Insurance fraud is also very common and involves submitting false information and making false claims in the hope of obtaining payment or benefit that you are not entitled to.

This form of criminal activity is occurring on a daily basis and the government is working very hard to tackle these issues. You may find that you have become involved in a very serious case and either placed under arrest or called in for questioning. Whether you have been involved in criminal activity or this is a false accusation, it is essential that you contact us at ABV Solicitors immediately. By discussing your situation with our specialist fraud solicitor you will be able to find out how to deal with the authorities as well as the possible implications of your case.

The role of our solicitor

Fraud cases can be highly complex. The investigation can take many months or even years depending on the severity of the case. Here at the practice our specialist fraud solicitor will help ease the process for you. We will deal with the relevant authorities on your behalf.  Many different teams are involved in fraud investigations including the Serious Fraud Office, Financial Services Authority, HMRC and the police. Our solicitor can help prevent your assets from being frozen, confiscated or seized and build a strong defence for you. Throughout the process we will advise how you can minimise the implications that the case can bring for you and your loved ones. The investigation itself can prove life-changing, but with our extensive knowledge and experience we can help reduce the impact it brings. Speak to us ABV Solicitors today to secure a positive outcome for you.

Easing the process of a fraud accusation with the help of a specialist fraud solicitor

The role of a specialist fraud solicitor in financial crime