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Signs of identity fraud explained by our fraud solicitor
08 Jun 2022

Have you recently discovered that you have been a victim of identity fraud via a lost bank card or credit card? Don’t panic! But seek the help of our team.

At ABV Solicitors, our fraud solicitor has helped people who have been victims of identity fraud to reclaim money or assets lost. We will also represent you if your case goes to court, which can occur with international cases of fraud.

Here, our fraud solicitor provides a brief guide to the types of identity fraud within the UK and how we can help you if you are a victim. So, read on to learn more.

What is identity fraud?

Identity fraud is a term used to describe when somebody has their name, address or other details used against their knowledge for criminal activity. According to our fraud solicitor, it is the most common type of fraud at present in the UK, with more people than ever reporting that they have concerns relating to identity theft or fraud. For example, if you have a credit card taken out in your name by somebody besides yourself, this is identity fraud.

Signs to look for

It may seem simple to find the science of identity fraud, but hackers and criminal gangs are becoming smarter; therefore, you need to know what to look for and how to identify whether your identity may have been stolen.

Bank account issues

If you have recently lost your bank card, then you could be at risk of identity fraud. The best advice for those with missing bank cards is to have the card cancelled either via a mobile app or phone call to your bank. If you notice any discrepancies in your bank account since losing your bank card, this is an example of identity theft, which is also why it is so important to cancel any cards that are lost. Alternatively, a bank account may have been opened in your name to take out loans without your consent. If this is the case, contact our team for legal advice.

Passport and driver’s licence

In a similar vein, criminal gangs may attempt to open passports or driver’s licences in your name. You may be curious as to why. This could be because they wish to steal cars from a car lot or travel and perform illegal activities under your name. It can be harder to spot whether your passport or driver’s licence has been used in this way. If you lost either of these documents and have concerns that they may have been used in this way, please seek legal advice from our team at ABV Solicitors.

Credit cards

Credit card fraud is incredibly common and is simply a case of somebody taking out a credit card in your name without your consent. Or it could be someone using your lost credit card to withdraw money or purchase goods. In a similar way to debit cards, if your credit card has gone missing, you need to cancel it as soon as possible and discuss any issues within the statements with your credit card provider. They can help to track patterns in spending, which may help you with a legal case.


Identity fraud does not only impact individuals; companies and businesses may also be attacked by fraudsters. If you have evidence that a loan has been taken out under your company’s name, then you need to seek the legal help of our team. Loan-based identity fraud can bankrupt a business if left unchecked.

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