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Need some help financially securing your new business? 5 essential tips from our fraud solicitor at ABV Solicitors
08 Jun 2020

Running your own business and being your own boss is the dream for many people. So, whether you are opening your shop doors for the first time or just secured your first client, it is an exciting time.

However, in the UK, many small to medium-size businesses or limited companies are under attack from outside sources. Primarily through cyber-attacks, many small business owners find their company falling victim to these crimes, which can even involve editing of documents to make your business suspect of tax fraud.

Of course, many business owners think it will never happen to them and so take no preventive security measures to protect their business from attacks. But, if you want to secure your company against such attacks, our team at ABV Solicitors can help.

While our fraud solicitor can help you to defend your company against any fraud accusations, we can also help you to prevent fraud or security breaches. Our team can assess your new company for potential areas of weakness and can suggest security measures to keep you and your staff free from any cyber or internal financial attacks. Perfect!

What are some of the techniques that our fraud solicitor may suggest to help you protect your company? Read on to find out.

Spread account responsibilities

It is commonplace in smaller businesses to hire one person to complete one job. However, while this may save you some money, it is not an ideal way to secure your business. Our fraud solicitor may suggest that you rotate 2 members of staff to check the accounts regularly, along with checking them yourself, to ensure that any unusual activity does not go undetected.

Know your employees

As obvious as this sounds, you want to know your employees back to front. Check their references and their criminal records, but most importantly, ensure that all of your staff are well looked after! Make sure they take their holidays, check-in with them regularly, and try to be lenient if they are undergoing a stressful time outside of work.


Nowadays it has become commonplace in the office environment the monitoring of employee emails. Make sure that you monitor all of your staff’s email addresses, phone calls, and if necessary, set up CCTV cameras to monitor movements. This may sound extreme, but it is a robust way to prevent essential information from being leaked and will prevent security or financial breaches.


Keep all of your company’s financial information safe. As obvious as this sounds, do not allow your employees access to high-risk areas, such as company bank-accounts or credit card numbers, to prevent money moving without you giving the go-ahead.

Audits and assessments

Regular auditing of your business areas that involve finances, cash handling, refunds, inventory, and of course, book-keeping, will help you to keep your company safe and will allow you to detect any errors. If your company handles stock, keep an eye on inventories and product returns as well, to ensure there are no unwarranted, suspicious orders or missing products.

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