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Has your company been accused of fraud? A guide from our fraud solicitors at ABV

12 July 2021


In 2021, many people have an idea of what is involved in a scam; everything from purchasing expensive and volatile stocks and bonds to investing in real estate.

But what happens if you or your company are accused of fraud from an investor? Or, what should you do if a business partner is being investigated for fraud and your company is likely to be scrutinized because of association?

Well, for starters, you should seek experienced legal representation which is where we come in.

At ABV Solicitors, our fraud solicitor has helped many clients to navigate the complicated routes that come along with such a serious accusation, with a result that is beneficial to all concerned. We can advise you, assist in your defence and will also conduct our own investigation into your company to ensure your perspective is heard and that your assets are protected.

So, if you are new to this, what is investment fraud and how can you, as a business owner, avoid being accused of it? Our fraud solicitor provides the following tips.


If your company is merging with another, or you are becoming legally entwined in another business’s affairs, do research.

Not just into the business of course! Explore all the heads of the business and look into their background. Actually, this is the perfect stage to preemptively employ our fraud solicitor to conduct this research for you, allowing you to manage your business and us to oversee your legal activities.

Small transactions

When you are beginning to trade finances with other businesses, keep them small to begin with.

And, as odd as it may sound if you are an investment business, when you first open your doors to those wishing to place their money into stocks and bonds, set limits per customer. This will help you to keep track of the money and will enable you to spot if it has been moved without your consent. Never leave anything to chance!

Report unusual activity

As worrying as it is for any business owner to be called about irregularities with their books from the financing department, it is vital that you report any evidence of money laundering to our team and other legal authorities.

Should you later be called into court to defend these abnormal transactions, this will bode well in your favour; any punishment levied after this by the courts will be lessened.

But of course, unusual activity goes far beyond money being moved around; if a business partner is pressuring you into making a deposit, this needs to be explored too. So, contact our team if anything untoward is occurring!

FCA register

A step that you can take to protect your business from bad investment choices is to check the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to check that any business you do business with has a clean history and is being regulated.

It also allows you to check if the people running the business have a clean history too, saving a lot of problems in the long run.

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