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“This is one of the UK’s top fraud and regulatory specialist law firms”

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“They are an exceptionally talented firm of specialist practitioners, formidable in their own right”

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“The level of expertise at ABV was beyond excellent”

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“They are efficient and always respond quickly”

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“ABV have established themselves as a top legal services provider in the white collar crime and serious fraud”

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Do you require a fraud solicitor?
02 Sep 2020

At ABV solicitors we have been deemed as the leading UK criminal defence specialists with an outstanding reputation, situated both nationally, and working with clients on an international scale. Our fantastic team of dedicated and highly skilled legal professionals offer our clients a wealth of experience within a broad range of multi-million-pound legal cases!

Why choose our fraud solicitor?

Within the field of law, we understand that there is an ever-increasing competition when it comes to solicitor services, with this in mind, therefore, our team strives to stand out from the rest, therefore offering a superior standard of service to all of our new, and loyal clients.

Meet the fraud solicitor that will be working on your case..

Within the field of fraud law, individuals may be conflicted between many firms within their local area, however, their decision may also rely heavily on several other factors (such as recommendations from work colleagues, to name just one example) or even the legal professionals available for their case. At our firm, we choose to display every member of our legal team on our modern and easily accessible legal website!

At ABV solicitors, you’re in safe hands..

The field of law can be extremely difficult to navigate for many clients, especially for those who have never had to seek the legal intervention of a lawyer before! With this in mind, therefore, our team strives to not only handle every case with the utmost degree of professionalism, however with a sympathetic (and therefore sensitive) approach to every individual they provide legal help to.

Meet the key individuals at ABV solicitors..

At ABV solicitors we are lucky enough to have worked with some of the most high profile cases both on a national, and an international scale (which we believe speaks volumes for the standard of legal advice we offer). We believe that our experienced team is the main cause of our successful cases, which is why we choose to show them off, ensuring our new clients are comfortable with the professionals they will be working with.

Did you know?

Our legal professionals are deemed as some of the best within their chosen field, Claire Anderson is just one example of our fantastic team who boasts over twenty years worth of experience within the field of criminal law! In addition to her wealth of knowledge Claire is also well known within the industry for her negotiation and communication skills, not only acting professionally, but she also places the clients’ care at the top of her priority list (which may explain why she has been regularly recommended to clients by other legal professionals).

Why not get in touch with our legal team?

If our legal services look like they could work for your unique legal case, then you may wish to get in touch with a member of our team! Our lawyers have been described as being extremely competent within both our strategic and our legal advice. In addition to our competence, we also possess extremely well-prepared files, as well as boasting some of the best and hardworking lawyers our clients have ‘ever worked with’.

Do you require a fraud solicitor?

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