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Do you need advice? Our fraud solicitor can help
01 Mar 2023

If you are a victim of fraud or you are being accused of fraud, you will need the guidance to negotiate this vaste minefield. Modern technology has helped various industries to grow rapidly and unfortunately fraud has also evolved with more innovative scams surfacing almost daily. ABV Solicitors has an accomplished team including a fraud solicitor who has the experience and knowledge to tackle even the most complex of cases. The stress of being accused or falling victim to fraud can have a devastating effect on your life and on those close to you.

Achieving a successful outcome

Being a fraud solicitor entails having to prove how a person or a company has been deceived into paying out funds which should not have been paid out. Another aspect of the job is to defend someone or a business who finds that they are being accused of committing a fraudulent act. Our function is to defend our clients’ rights and to protect their interests. Our reputation demonstrates that we are motivated to always strive to achieve a successful outcome for our clients.

Deception takes many forms

Preying on the vulnerable is a common ploy of scammers and requires the expertise of the fraud solicitor. The years of experience gained by ABV Solicitors both locally and internationally means we have put together a well respected team with complementary skills. To be able to perform at such a high level our lawyers are ably supported by an efficient back-up team.

We all use credit and debit cards for virtually everything that we buy and they feed into the worldwide electronic systems used by banks and traders alike. Online shopping, relationships, holidays, etc. are just some of the areas where fraudsters can strike.

Support you need

If you are facing accusations or you are a victim you will want to know that you have someone in your corner who has your best interests at heart and that you can rely on. Trust is a vital part of the relationship which we develop with our clients. To be a victim or an accused of fraudulent activity can quickly become a very terrifying place to be, so having a confident authority on your side provides a measure of comfort that you will need at that time. Stress can quickly reduce a person to a fragile shadow of their former selves. ABV Solicitors provides that mental support by discussing the details of your case with you, so that you are always informed. You are encouraged to ask questions so that you can make informed decisions as and when required.

Well connected

As a well respected and established legal firm we have developed strong connections with eminent barristers and King’s Counsel who are known for providing top quality representation. You can feel confident that you are in safe and competent hands and that you will receive the best outcome possible. If you are in the position that you need legal guidance and support then you need to act sooner rather than later. At ABV Solicitors all consultations are conducted with the utmost courtesy and discretion, so call us today.

Need a fraud solicitor? ABV Solicitors are available 24-7

Peace of mind provided by our fraud solicitor