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Different types of fraud and the role of a fraud solicitor in defending your case
09 May 2022

The Fraud Act 2006 defines three types of criminal activity carried out for financial gain resulting in losses for an individual, company or organisation. The first category is fraud by false representation, the next is failing to disclose information and the third is carried out by abuse of position to cause a loss or expose someone to a risk of a loss carried out for your own financial gain. These three categories can be further divided into 5 specific types of fraud known as confidence fraud, banking fraud, insurance fraud, credit fraud and benefit fraud.

If you have been accused of fraudulent activity then you will be placed under arrest or you will be called in for questioning. In that moment it is important that you keep calm and that you remember to contact us at ABV Solicitors or ask to be placed into contact with us by the police or relevant authority. Here at our practice we are one of the leading criminal defence specialists in the country and we have built a strong reputation in general and financial crime throughout the years. We have significant experience in dealing with tax fraud, credit fraud and money laundering charges and we have helped defend many high profile cases throughout the UK. You need to contact us immediately so that we can delegate a highly regarded and dedicated fraud solicitor to deal with your case and help you achieve the best possible outcome for your situation.

The role of our fraud solicitor

Depending on the type of fraud offence that you are involved in and the severity of the situation, whether it has been carried out on a small scale or has had a significant detrimental effect on your victim, you will be charged accordingly. Our fraud solicitor will find out exactly what charges are being made against you, to help build the best possible defence and achieve a positive outcome for you. You may receive a fine, a community service order, a suspended sentence or a custodial sentence with up to 10 years imprisonment. Whether you have been accused of carrying out criminal activity against an individual or an organisation, the potential maximum sentence can be equally severe. Therefore, it is important that you obtain legal advice and representation from our trusted specialist fraud solicitor immediately to prevent yourself from being implicated in the case any further.

Our fraud solicitor will help collect as much evidence as possible and gather any pertinent witnesses to help shine a positive light on your defence. The solicitor will complete all necessary paperwork on your behalf and make sure that it is filled out correctly and in a timely manner, so that your case is dealt with quickly without any unnecessary delays. They will represent you in court to the highest of standards and they will use their knowledge and expertise to ensure that you receive the minimum penalty or sentencing possible in your situation. Speak to our professional and friendly team here at our firm today and let us achieve a positive outcome for you.

The role of a solicitor in defending those accused of fraud

What constitutes a crime of fraud?